My single most loved feature in Adobe Premiere Pro 3
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Brian Drysdale

Perhaps not precisely the same, but the Lightworks flexible layout can be changed to any arrangement the editor wishes on the fly. It’s the classical Lightworks user interface that and is one of the two UI options available, the other being a more recent fixed layout. Both layouts can be seen here:


Yeah. Now if only an inflexible GUI were the only thing that made LW unusable and save it from extinction! How great would that be?

Last edited 1 year ago by Andy
Brian Drysdale

The “unusable” aspect is a personal opinion and would depend on what you’re using it for. There are users who select it because of its more unique features, although, you’re not limited to using Lightworks in a particular way, since there’s often more than one way of carrying out a particular operation.

Lightworks is now a core product for LWKS Software, so it’s now receiving the development work that previous owners were unwilling to invest into the program.

Part of that is adding features that editors in the professional market sector between the current social media and high end feature film editors require.

For example, LWKS have added integration with IOGates REACT (a recent acquisition) to the Lightworks. V2022.3 beta, this allows remote working editors to browse assets, import, stream proxies, upload, and comment for review workflows.

Last edited 1 year ago by Brian Drysdale

The race is over. But they’re free to continue wasting time and money. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Brian Drysdale

Again a personal opinion, Lightworks continues to attract new users.


The only thing this shows me is how much of an absolutely hopeless, convoluted MESS PPro’s GUI is. But great that you can make it EVEN WORSE (and more unstable) with your own extensions! Now THAT’S “flexibility”! 👍🏼

Imagine they put in a “Stability” slider so you could set it to above 50% for once in over a decade. Delusional, I know, but why not dream?!

Last edited 1 year ago by Andy

Interesting. What NLE do you prefer?


How is that in any way relevant to the facts? So you can say “Well ‘yours’ is much worse!”? 🙄


“Facts”. Well, the “fact” that you were triggered so much from a genuine questions says a lot about you Andy.


Of course, I DON’T use PPro (anymore)! 😂 And only someone living on the moon, in complete denial or without internet would think that PPro could be considered stable by ANY stretch. I mean seriously. 🙄 The forums and groups are PACKED with complaints of complete instability update after update after update! Something I can only confirm to the fullest after YEARS of constant, endless headaches, even with ZERO third-party ANYTHING (I wouldn’t dare).

Never mind that PPro’s performance (so-called “optimization”) on Apple Silicon is a pathetic JOKE. And pay monthly for THAT? 😒

Speaking of which, thanks to that “rent your own intellectual property” scheme I now have lost access to YEARS of work. Pretty effing clever on Adobe’s part!! That Ponzi scheme only benefits THEM, certainly not the user. I had to rent that mess again just to get (age-old, extremely limited, and inferior XMEML!!) XMLs out to get it elsewhere. Whilst obviously losing half of the relevant information on translation. Like that “Sure you can switch… but boy are you going to regret it!!” concept isn’t by design to further retain users? A total scam. Only AVID is worse!

You go ahead and do your ONE doc without crashing. I’ll be over here doing EVERYTHING without crashing, be it with Resolve or (even better) FCP thanks.

Last edited 1 year ago by Andy
Daniel Lawrence

Hey Scott! Great article. One question. I split my time between Avid and Premiere Pro and one of the things Avid does that I’ve yet to see available in Pr is auto patching, where source channels follow your program side channel selections automagically… Is your Source Assignment Preset scripting the only way to get close to what Avid has?

Daniel Lawrence

Interesting. I’ll give it a look. Thanks!


The pancake feature is a convoluted and cumbersome implementation of a workflow that Lightworks does in a much more elegant and straightforward way: open as many sequences as you want, each with its own timeline and monitor, and use them as sources. When reading the text at the link to your pancake tutorial on Moviola site, you describe it as being something that “none of the competitors can do”. It’s a false statement.


Are you serious? None of this is true. It’s exactly Premiere Pro’s approach that is clunky, inelegant and very limited compared to Lightworks.
I understand you’re a Premiere fan, but this is simply ignoring reality.
Is this the level of journalistic standards on this site?
The “true pancake metaphor”?!? What dumb invention is that, anyway? LWKS can do all that “pancake metaphor” can, and lots more (like using as many Sequences as sources, simultaneously, instead of just one. Yeah, you can have a proper, multilayered pancake)
Let’s do a zoom, share our screens and see which one is better, as a fact.


The discussion was not about Lightworks’ market share.
It was about the actual hard fact that Lightworks does the whole “sequences as sources” thing in a much more flexible, efficient and straightforward manner than PPro (including the visual layout, stacked or whatever other arrangement one fancies). To this your reply was “that’s not true”, while at the same admiting you have at most a vague idea of how Lwks actually works. How is this a proper journalistic approach?
I’m using both Lwks and PPro all the time. No PPro hater here. I actually have feature requests at Adobe’s User Voice that are meant to make PPro’s “pancake” (silly name) feature more Lwks like, that is, better and more useful.
The irony is that, if you’d actually look into it, you might very well like Lwks quite a bit (based on what I read on some of your articles).


Sure, because “stacked timeline” is a PPro specific way of phrasing it. In LW worls, where working with as many timelines as sources, in any screen layout one wishes, is nothing special, there isn’t any particular way of describing it.
I sent you an email on the contact address on your website. Could write something anytime, if there is interest.

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