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Scott Simmons was born in rural West Tennessee and didn't really realize that movies and tv had to be made by actual people until he went to college. After getting degrees in both Television Production…

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Steve Hullfish

Great story. In Avid this is brought in – as you point out – as metadata and can be accessed in the bin, but not in the TIMELINE, which is where you really need it. Avid CAN tell you what ORIGINAL channel of audio something came from once it’s cut into the timeline, which is pretty helpful, but not as helpful as your request. In Avid, you can set the clip text in the timeline to show you which ORIGINATING audio track a piece of audio STARTED on… So if you cut track 6 of the source onto track 1… Read more »

John Lundsten

Yes to using iXML (or bext TRK) metadata for audio in DAW’s or NLE’s


I’ve been wanting this forever in Premiere. Would be great to have other info to, like frame rate and file name as options. Other simple features I would love to see in the next release is timeline clean up, very similar to Resolve, but with a dialogue box, kind of paste atributes, allowing me to separate text and alpha layers. Also some kind o easy way to find a specific effect within the open timeline, somehow select every stabilized clip. It doen’t seen like a very complex implementation, but would make a huge impact on assistents’ work.

Ariel Wollinger

Great rant!! DaVinci is evolving by giant leaps and bounds! I love this NLE wars!


Absolutely a no-brainer that all this should have been implemented years ago! After learning for several years Avid MC and Adobe Premiere in university and projects it’s sad to see that they generally seem to be overtaken technically and in development. Seriously thinking about learning Resolve for editing and using it for the next projects…