MSE’s Tank, Dolly and Cart “invade” IBC 2016

Matthews Studio Equipment is taking its new CAM Tank camera support to IBC 2016, along with a dolly, a cart and other accessories to make life easier for camera operators. A low point of view is a characteristic of some of the products announced.

MSE’s Tank, Dolly, Cart and arm “invade” IBC

Many innovative accessories used in cinema result from the experience of people frustrated with what was available to them. That’s how some of the products that Matthews Studio Equipment takes to IBC this year have developed. Discover them and their stories here.

ProVideo Coalition mentioned, recently, the Matthews Wedge as a solution for low POV shots. The CAM Tank is another solution for a low point of view done easily. No more struggling with a camera resting on a sandbag, often negating the operator’s ability to pan. Designed to accept all large format camera plates or direct mount to any large or medium format camera equipped with 3/8″-16 mounting holes, the CAM Tank works extremely well for low shots, still allowing to pan and tilt the camera.

MSE’s Tank, Dolly, Cart and arm “invade” IBC

The CAM Tank gets the filmmaker a good 12 inches lower than a fluid head without sacrificing control. Besides giving users a low POV, the CAM Tank is also used to achieve dutch angles when mounted to a fluid head, or shots designed to be pointed straight down off of a fluid head on a tripod or jib.

The bottom of the plate has 17 strategically placed 3/8″-16 tapped holes spaced 1″ apart, complying with Motion Picture Industry Standards. The system is CNC machined out of 6061 T6 aluminum, stainless steel hardware. The pan bearing uses a machined polyoqymethyline, delrin disk, which self-lubricates and has an endurance rating 100x more than any plastic. The tilt system uses 4 premium NSK deep grooved ball bearings, made in Japan. Both pan and tilt functions come with brakes for lock off shots and camera safety.

The Cam Tank, which costs $ 1,450.00, will be on show at IBC, in Amsterdam. Matthews Studio Equipment will also show at its space the James Saldutti’s Dutti Dolly, presented  for the first time and announced as a dolly like no other.

MSE’s Tank, Dolly, Cart and arm “invade” IBC

There may be many different dollies on the market, says MSE, “but James Saldutti’s is a unique approach, created by Saldutti, a working Dolly Grip, who needed to be able to multi-task, move quickly and work low enough to get gear into places other dollies can’t go. Dutti Dolly also configures so that it can be carried much easier, saving a grip’s back – and costly time from break down to set up.”

Cinematographer James Muro (for whom the dolly was created), takes it everywhere he goes. “It simply makes for an intuitive operating experience,” he explains. “Where there is not a lot of discussion, not a lot of laying track, not a lot of big equipment. With the Dutti Dolly I can be in and out of the location quickly and still have a massive amount of production value, just as if I had all the big gear.”

Apparently James Muro is not alone. Another big fan of the Dutti Dolly is cinematographer Joaquin Sedillo, ASC. At one point he had a sequence in a real theater. “Rather than hoisting one or more regular dollies from the stage ‘pit’ onto the stage with chain motors, we threw down Dutti’s light-weight track and dolly. It was a huge time savings plus a great ease of execution.”

Dutti Dolly can get into extreme low angles or can carry a bazooka or tripod for other heights. The stability gives the operator the ability to whip pan and quick tilt. It rolls directly on the ground or can be mounted on stands or track and can be over or under slung. It can fit in places where conventional dollies cannot fit – airplane or bus aisles – or even church pews. Dutti Dolly is great for long takes, stunts or poor man’s process and more.

Available in red, black and grey, the Dutti Dolly can be yours for $ 1,399.00.

MSE’s Tank, Dolly, Cart and arm “invade” IBC

The other new product from Matthews Studio Equipment is the Infinity Arm. Designed by filmmaker Sage Seb, who was constantly frustrated with arms that would fall apart, usually on remote locations where there was no help to be had, the Infinity Arm is a reliable and indestructible articulating arm that supports a variety of today’s cameras, lights, monitors and more.

Infinity Arm can mount everything from a GoPro to a cinema camera or a monitor – or just about anything else needed. As with all other MSE equipment, it is made at the Burbank, CA facility out of CNC’d tool steel and aircraft aluminum. The arms are plated with military grade anodized and proprietary electroless nickel phosphorus. The center pivot point of the arm includes a 60-section rosette for superior strength and adjustability. Matthews has designed the Infinity Arm so that a wide variety of tips allow for quick interchange to support a wide variety of tools.

The Infinity Arm has a capacity of 15lbs+ (7kg+) and costs $ 330.00.

Now, if you’ve decided to buy all the products mentioned above, you may need a cart to take them around. That’s where the DP Bill Kerrigan’s Kerri Kart comes in. it is a unique cart/slider option that MSE will show during IBC.

MSE’s Tank, Dolly, Cart and arm “invade” IBC

Moving equipment around sets and locations often used to be time consuming and requires several portable cart configurations. Not anymore – thanks to DP Bill Kerrigan’s innovative multi-tasking Kerri Kart. Fast, creative and compact, Kerry Kart is designed with endless possibilities.

Not only does it move your equipment in a compact form, it also allows for mounting configurations. Shooters have mounted up to six or more cameras as well as gimbal systems on Kerri Kart and moved the set up around a stage quickly and efficiently. And, there was even a clear work space available throughout the shoot.

Kerri Kart can also mount stabilizers 6-feet in the air, so the camera is in the shooter’s face. The various tools needed throughout the day can sit right under the set up – making teching and balancing easily 50% faster.

The Kerry Kart base includes 4 premium pneumatic tires, industry approved Crank-O-Vator wheel forks, and two heavy-duty needle thrust bearings with duper crank pedal brakes. The 10 strut dolly frame is heliarc welded out of 6061-t6 aircraft grade aluminum, and topped with lightweight perforated aluminum and four junior receive plates for securing the telescoping risers. The price is $ 1,600.00.

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