MSE Rock n’ Roller Wheel Sets: let the rollers do the heavy work

Matthews Studio Equipment introduced new Rock n’ Roller Wheel Sets,  designed to save you time and back ache, by rolling equipment instead of picking it up. Let the rollers do the work.

Rock n’ Roller Wheel Sets: let the rollers do the work

Compatible with Matthews Combo Stands or any stand with a 1” square tube leg, the new Rock n’ Rollers quickly simply slip on, ready to smoothly roll over anything from rocks, to power cables.

Known for smart solutions that ease life on set, Matthews Studio Equipment has a new product to show: the Rock n’ Roller Wheel Sets. Designed by request and input from DITs, Steadicam ops, video assistants, grips and gaffers, these useful add-ons feature 3 foam semi-pneumatic tires, 3” wide by 8” diameter that are, according to MSE, unlike other caster wheels, as they “won’t go flat, keeping your movements smooth and easy.”

With 360-degree rotation, they maneuver in any direction yet can maintain a straight line when rolling across the set. The dependable, face locking pedal brake features an adjustable pad to ensure strength throughout the life of the wheel. A dual-lock mechanism, it secures both wheel rotation as well as caster swivel. The smartly engineered round top plate is a real foot-saver, keeping pointy corners out of the way when engaging and disengaging the brake. Plus, Matthews’ proprietary Spring Steel Sleeve attaches the wheels to the stand for a secure fit without damaging the legs’ sidewall.

Rock n’ Roller Wheel Sets: let the rollers do the work

Three versions available

The new Rock n’ Roller Wheel Sets are not only stable, they will carry your equipment anywhere. Matthews Studio Equipment says the company decided to name its new accessory wheel family the Rock n’ Roller because they do rock, “but they also roll smoothly over rocks, power cables, cable cross-overs, gravel, asphalt, uneven concrete, and soft grass.”

Available in three versions to suit every situation, the Monitor Wheel Set pairs with the Monitor Stand II and Slider Stands. The Combo Wheel Set goes with with Matthews Combo Stands or any stand with a 1” square tube leg—a real benefit for moving large lights like 18Ks. The Mombo Combo set is compatible with 1-½” square tube leg stands so it’s a workhorse when breaking down huge overheads whether moving the it only a couple of feet—or across the stage.

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