MSE debuts Panel Stand and C-Stand Rolling Bag at IBC 2018

Matthews Studio Equipment debuts at IBC 2018 the new Panel Stand and the popular C-Stand Rolling Bag, solutions for lighter and easier packing of your gear.

MSE debuts Panel Stand and C-Stand Rolling Bag at IBC 2018

MSE continues to develop camera and lighting support solutions for the entertainment industry. The Panel Stand is their latest solution for fast set up and mobility for a variety of movie-production tools.

When you are working with lightweight equipment, it does not make much sense to carry the heaviest of all supports. In fact, it makes more sense to have lightweight support to complete the package. That’s the reason why Matthews Studio Equipment developed and manufactured the Panel Stand, designed to be used with lightweight equipment.

“In an effort to match the portability and strength of our lighter weight production tools, MSE has created the new Panel Stand,” says MSE Vice President Tyler Phillips. “They are low profile legs like that of a medium roller stand, mixed with wind up columns used in our Mini-Vator stands. They allow for clearance of long, wide, or low hanging lights, large monitors and more. The rolling base makes it easy to roll underneath a variety of setups with little clearance.”

MSE debuts Panel Stand and C-Stand Rolling Bag at IBC 2018

The stands come equipped with a balanced and built-in carry handle for transport and will fold up tight for storage. The main crank column can be adjusted and lowered at the leg base. The low rolling base makes it possible to roll underneath furniture, vehicles, and many other set ups with low clearance. The Panel Stand features a wide height range from 55” to 130” and holds up to 100 pounds.

The Panel Stand will be on display at Matthews Studio Equipment at IBC 2018, with other support gear from the Burbank company. Another highlight of the event will be the C-Stand Rolling Bag developed by MSE, created to make mobility easier. Announced at the end of 2017, the C-Stand Rolling Bag will be shown at IBC 2018 for the first time.

MSE debuts Panel Stand and C-Stand Rolling Bag at IBC 2018

“Transporting C-Stands has always been a challenge for those independents always on the go,” says Tyler Phillips, MSE Vice President. “Pieces and accessories get lost, and packing can be awkward. Equipment arrives with dents that weren’t there before. MSE’s series of C-Stand Rolling Kit Bags are designed to make traveling with C-Stands a pleasure.”

The bags are made of water-resistant polyester and ballistic nylon and feature easy-view padded red interior. The interior is made of durable high-density foam padding, feature Velcro tie-down straps, and easy glide zippers. The Standing Rolling KitBag holds three removable base C-Stands, is moved with built-in high-density silicon skate wheels, and twin side handles for two-person carrying.

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