Moovly Studio: online video editor reaches second generation

Moovly Studio is an online video editor, now on its second generation and presented at, according to its creators, a disruptive price: $5 per month for unlimited use.

Moovly Studio: online video editor reaches second generation

Moovly Studio is not your regular video editor, but an online video animation software for easy production of videos for different needs.

Select objects, add animation, edit it and you’re done. Even your grandma can do it! That’s how Moovly Media presents its software, a project started in 2012 in Brussels, Belgium, and now reaching its second generation of a content blending tool, helping people to create engaging videos worldwide. Content blending is the process of combining a broad variety of media types (video, illustration, animation, sounds, music) from Moovly’s stock and the user’s own content sources while being able to customize, modify and create content, thus resulting in totally new and unique content creations.

Moovly Studio is a tool based on HTML5 and takes full advantage of Moovly’s advanced API platform to enable rapid feature development and easy integration of content and other third parties. Based on a new architecture that contains several new features and innovations, Moovly Studio will initially be available in two commercial licenses, namely “Moovly Unlimited” at $5 per month and “Moovly Business” at $300 per year.

Brendon Grunewald, CEO of Moovly, commented, “This release represents the achievement of yet another major execution milestone and our transition from a single product technology company to a total digital content blending solution provider. Moovly’s disruptive $5 pricing makes telling your story more affordable than ever. While some of our competitors charge hundreds of dollars per month, Moovly customers can now have monthly access to Moovly Unlimited and all its features, for less than the cost of two cups of coffee. As Moovly Studio rapidly evolves in the coming months, I would like to invite everyone, from student to Fortune 500 Executive, to join us for the ride by telling their story with Moovly.”

Moovly Studio: online video editor reaches second generation

Moovly Studio is a powerful, second generation editor based on HTML5, with a new and improved user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) that enables users to create content in an easier, more flexible and more intuitive way than ever before.

Thanks to the new underlying technology framework, this editor seamlessly works on all browsers right out of the box, without a need for plug-ins, software download or installation. The new editor is also faster and more secure than its former Flash based version. The editor allows for quick and efficient creation of content with a new concept, called “clips”. These pre-built, pre-animated, editable groups of media objectss can easily be combined to rapidly build new content. This powerful concept enables users to use, create and save sets of animated objects.

Geert Coppens, CTO of Moovly, added, “The concept of clips is an exciting new approach to the creation of multimedia content. Users will be able to search and browse libraries of pre-made clips, modify them, create their own clips, share them with others, etc. Clips can serve as small templates or saved pieces of content, such as an intro title animation, a transition or any other animated visual composition. This way, users will be able to create their own stunning motion graphics in any style, without a need for graphical talent, multimedia expertise or complex software training.”

For the magic to happen, users have unlimited access to over 500,000 royalty free media objects such as stock videos, motion graphics, photos, illustrations, music and sound loops. Users can freely use and combine these assets to create new content for their projects. Among the new features is also an enhanced version of Moovly’s API, supporting third party integrations, single sign on options with external user databases, media library partnerships and automated video generation.

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