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Scott Simmons

I have sworn off ScreenFlow and moved to Camtasia on the Mac. After several project corruptions that could not be recovered, the third time was the strikeout. ScreenFlow report even told me once not to use one of the features of the app when trying to recover this last corruption. ScreenFlow is dead to me.

Long live Camtasia!!

Andrew Lawson

Hi Scott! I’m having massive problems with screenflow 9 – it freezes in under a minute. I record 1 hour long lessons I teach live to edit down later, but it’s proving unusable. Is Camtasia OK for this? Screenflow generates 30gb files 🙁

Scott Simmons

Probably? I had so many ScreenFlow problems I moved to Camtasia and it was good for what I used it for. But honestly I didn’t pound it too deeply as that job was put on the back burner.

Andrew Lawson

Thanks for taking the time to reply.


Screenflow Trial version is very satisfying and like to go for full version from next week. UI and Design looks very simple and easy to understand. Lets see how the full version work with my 4K video projects. Thank you.

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