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New color, collaboration, mobile creativity, and magic from Adobe

Under the banner of “Creativity just got a lot more colorful,” Adobe revealed what’s coming next to the Creative Cloud video tools, showcasing the next versions at NAB 2015, where people could see them in person for the first time. As outlined in detail in an earlier article, the next release offers re-invented color workflows, new mobile technologies, expanded collaboration with Creative Cloud Libraries, and awesome new magic, like Adobe Character Animator, Morph CutTime Tuner,  and much more. You can see short videos of many of the new features and apps on the Creative Cloud YouTube NAB 2015 playlist.

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If you missed our NAB 2015 Reveal webcast, you can watch it on-demand here.

It just keeps getting better
This was my fourth time with Adobe at NAB and amazingly, the buzz and excitement around the Creative Cloud video tools just keeps growing. There were more visitors to the Adobe booth than ever before – amazing considering some of the crowds we’ve had in the recent past; there were more interviews with journalists, including this (underlit) gem from Randi Altman’s Post Perspective in which Al Mooney summarizes the whole release in under two minutes, and more scheduled meetings (literally, hundreds of them) with customers ranging from boutique production houses to major broadcasters. And there were awards, too: a Best in Show award for Creative Cloud from Studio Daily, a second  Best in Show from Videomaker Magazine – naming Premiere Pro CC as the Best Editing Software of NAB 2015, and another Best in Show from Digital Video Magazine. In addition, Adobe Character Animator won Coolest New Product from Post Magazine.

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Standing-room only
The Adobe booth was packed for almost every presentation throughout the show, sometimes standing room only – six-people deep into the aisles around the booth. I don’t know if we’ve ever had such a strong speaker line-up, including Adam Epstein from the SNL film crew, whose new movie Staten Island Summer is coming out soon, Devin Graham (aka YouTube superstar Devin Super Tramp), Vashi Nedomansky, recently of Sharkado 2 fame, Aaron Brenner of the LA Kings video production team (he showed me his Stanley Cup ring), Dan Dome, editor of the Late Night with Seth Myers show, and perennial crowd-favorite Andrew Kramer (Video Copilot), who showed how to destroy a city in a few simple steps with Adobe After Effects CC, and many other awesome presenters.

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Supermeet was Super Fun

If you are a Supermeet fan and missed the fun this year – or even if you just want to relive it – here’s a taste, including Al Mooney’s stage presentation. Yes, he is wearing a cat T-shirt. Some traditions never die.

Adventures in Filmmaking: from Saturday Night Live Shorts to Feature Film
Another highlight of the show was my colleague Meagan Keane’s in-depth interview with the articulate and insightful Adam Epstein. The presentation was part of the NAB Creative Master’s Series. 

Looking forward
The new features, apps, and workflows presented at NAB will be available in the next release of Creative Cloud.

“It’s exciting, even humbling, to see the growth of our video tools, especially at a major industry event like NAB, where you can experience the buzz in person,” said Al Mooney, senior product manager for Premiere Pro. “We’re building tools that people need and workflows that let you do more creatively. It’s a joy to see the response from our users.”

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