Mindshift Gear: 4 multi-mount holsters

For outdoor photographers seeking one bag to carry a single DSLR camera on everything from a quick outing to a multi-night trek, MindShift Gear introduces four versatile Multi-Mount Holsters.

Mindhsift Gear Multi-Mount Holsters

I’ve been on the lookout for a way to carry a single DSLR with a lens or two, a flash and a few things more, on small outings. Mindshift Gear heard my prayers. Let me present you the Multi-Mount Holsters.

Sized to fit a range of cameras and lenses,  the Multi-Mount Holsters from Mindshift Gear are available in four sizes – 10, 20, 30 and 50 – and  offer five key mounting configurations: shoulder, pack/front harness, chest, storage, and belt. In a first for the photo industry, the Multi-Mount Holsters feature a unique backpack mount for multi-day comfort. The holsters feature an innovative “Stabilizer Strap System” that secures the bag in your desired position, distributes weight effectively, and is quickly adjustable.

The advantage of a holster is obvious, and not just for outdoor photographers. I’ve used holsters or better beltpacks, like the the beltpack from my Mindshift Gear rotation180° even when photographing indoors, if, for example, I am moving from room to room. I can leave the backpack at a center location and move quickly carrying with me extra lenses, flashes, etc. Outdoor, I use it the same way: mounted on the backpack while trekking to a location, then as a way to carry stuff with me, while my backpack sits on a Contact sheet, for protection.

Mindhsift Gear Multi-Mount Holsters

Meanwhile, I’ve been asking Mindshift Gear to create some kind of backpack that can be used in short outings or when you don’t want/need to carry much with you. While the new holsters are not exactly what I had in mind, they surely offer some interesting options, also because they ofer so many ways to be carried.

For example: I was out today testing the video options of the EOS 80D – finally we had a nice day that looks like Summer and not much wind, so I could go out after some flower fields – and a holster like this could serve me well to carry camera with a lens or two, some filters, batteries and a few more things. I think the Multi-Mount Holster 30 fits my needs. According to the information provided by Mindshift Gear, the holster has the following possible configurations:

  • Holds 1 standard-size DSLR (5DM3 or D810) and 1 standard zoom lens
  • Holds 1 gripped DSLRs (1Dx or D4s) and 1 standard zoom lens
  • 24-70mm f/2.8 with hood EXTENDED (Canon or Nikon); 70-200mm f/2.8 with hood REVERSED (Canon or Nikon); 300mm f/4 with hood REVERSED (Canon or Nikon); 80-400mm f/4 AF-S/G with hood REVERSED (Nikon)

Furthermore, an expandable front pocket for essentials includes organizer pocket, two separate loops for memory card holder and keys, and double sliders. That common to all the models, while the 30 and 50 sizes also have space for a Speedlight flash or tabletop tripod. Because holsters are many times associated with action photography, the main compartment has a security loop to secure camera to lanyard in precarious environments. The holsters also have an Elements Barrier under zipper and seam-sealed rain cover to block unnecessary elements from reaching equipment.

Holster and adventure brought to my mind one name: Galen Rowell. If you’re old enough to remember him – if not, go and check his work and writings – one of the iconic images of the photographer was with a chest pouch or holster from a line created specially for him and under his direction by Photoflex. Galen Rowell wrote about the experience in one article in Outdoor Photographer, in 2001, and said “In the eighties, I worked with Photoflex to design the ideal belted pouch for a single camera and lens, plus modular pouches that attach on the belt for extra lenses, film, or filters. I carry the pouch in front when actively shooting or moving slowly, but slip it behind onto one hip when running, skiing, or climbing. I’m often unaware it’s there.” You can find the article, entitled Running With a Camera, at Mountain Light’s website.

Mindhsift Gear Multi-Mount Holsters

For outdoor adventures

Mindshift Gear new Multi-Mount Holsters point in the same direction and can be your companion for outdoor adventures. Or to carry around town if you’re a street photographer. Designed for today’s DSLRs with attached quick release or L-bracket, the holsters  have an exterior shell constructed with 420D nylon with Durable Water Resistance finish for long lasting durability and strength.

In keeping with MindShift’s design emphasis on providing protection from stormy weather, wind, snow and dust, the new holsters feature a weather-blocking elements barrier under the zippered lid and a seam-sealed rain cover. The Multi-Mount Holster 30 and 50 sizes feature an expandable front pocket for quick access to photography essentials, such as a Speedlight flash or tabletop tripod.

“The Multi-Mount Holsters include all the accessories needed to personalize your camera carrying method,” said Doug Murdoch, MindShift Gear’s CEO and Lead Designer.  “With just a few adjustments, you can quickly switch from carrying it on your waist, back, chest or shoulder.”

Mindhsift Gear Multi-Mount Holsters

There are, as mentioned above, four different holsters: Multi-Mount Holster 10, to carry one camera and lens, the Multi-Mount Holster 20, which holds one standard-size DSLR (5DM3 or D810) and one standard zoom lens or two primes, the Multi-Mount Holster 30 detailled above and then the Multi-Mount Holster 50, able to hold one gripped Pro DSLR (Nikon D3/D4 series or Canon 1D/1Ds/1DX series) and one standard zoom lens: 24-70mm f/2.8 with hood EXTENDED (Canon or Nikon); 70-200mm f/2.8 with hood REVERSED (Canon or Nikon); 300mm f/4 with hood REVERSED (Canon or Nikon); 80-400mm f/4 AF-S/G with hood REVERSED (Nikon). Check complete information at the holsters page at Mindshift Gear’s website.

Mindshift Gear has also released the Card-Again wallets, designed for outdoor photographers who need quick access to their CF and SD memory cards. These two simple, lightweight memory card wallets fit easily in your pockets, feature clear windows to identify used versus full cards and cutouts for easy access, and an attachment point to tether to a bag or clothing.  The CF Card-Again holds four CF cards.  The SD Card-Again holds six SD cards.

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