Manfrotto’s Cinematic backpacks for run and gun

Manfrotto debuted at NAB 2018 its new Cinematic backpacks expanding the Pro Light Collection family. The new bags are presented as solutions for professional videographers working alone.

Manfrotto’s Cinematic backpacks for run and gun

The new video backpacks from Manfrotto, named Cinematic Expand and Cinematic Balance reveal immediately who they are for. Manfrotto also has a BeFree Live tripod for vloggers.

Manfrotto’s family of Pro Light backpacks and bags already has solutions for camcorders, but at NAB 2018 the company debuted two new references which represent a move towards offering solutions designed for videographers working as a one-man-band and those doing run and gun, who need to carry everything required to do their job in a single bag.

Manfrotto’s Cinematic backpacks for run and gun

The two new bags, aptly named Pro Light Cinematic Balance and Pro Light Cinematic Expand serve different needs, so it is important to define which is better for the work you do. The Manfrotto Pro Light Cinematic Balance, designed with the DJI Ronin M/MX set in mind, has space to hold a complete DSLR or mirrorless camera kit, lens included, in the internal compartment, everything protected by Manfrotto’s Camera Protection System dividers.

Space for a laptop up to 17” is also available, and the side pocket accommodates the DJI RONIN M/MX remote control and main unit, and a dedicated zippered pocket inside stores the disassembled bar. Made of water-repellent Rip-Stop nylon/polyester, hollowed ITW Nexus buckles and Duraflex hardware, the pack is ultra-lightweight yet strong enough to safeguard a large amount of gear for the long haul, says Manfrotto. It also features external zip or stretch pockets for accessories and a water bottle. The backpack comes with a DuoFace sun/rain cover to protect from harsh weather and reflect sunlight to keep gear cool and dry all day long.

Manfrotto’s Cinematic backpacks for run and gun Priced at $279.99, the Pro Light Cinematic Balance bag fits the standard to be used as carry-on luggage, meaning you can keep your gear with you all the time, even when traveling by air.

The second bag announced, the Pro Light Cinematic Expand, is also designed for the same type of users, and is also sized as a carry-on luggage… when not used in the configuration that gives it its name. In fact, the “Expand” on this bag refers to its expandable front, which makes the bag big enough to fit a camcorder with its handle assembled. Manfrotto says that “with a simple gesture, the bag can be expanded and its configuration changed to a handy working mode. When the backpack needs to be as compact as possible for travel, the front panel can easily be made smaller to fit carry-on travel bag size criteria.”

The backpack is built to hold and protect a modular camcorder with up to 70-200/2.8 mm lens attached and up to 10 lenses, video accessories or camera bodies, and still has space for a 17” laptop. The bag features quick access to the internal zippered pocket from the side, so that you can change lenses without losing a moment. Sharing the same build and protection characteristics as the Cinematic Balance model, the Cinematic Expand costs exactly the same: $279.99.

Manfrotto’s Cinematic backpacks for run and gun

For videographers who need to travel light and vloggers looking for a versatile support, Manfrotto debuted at NAB 2018 the BeFree Live tripod, presented as “the most compact video kit, dedicated to the videographer on the go”. Easy to carry everywhere thanks to its small size and minimal design, the new BeFree Live fulfils the increasing customer demand for a lightweight tripod that is easy-to-carry for video recording with a DSLR, compact system cameras and small camcorders. Only 40cm long in its closed position, it extends to 151 cm and has a payload of up to 4kg. Manfrotto claims that the BeFree Live Fluid Head, featuring a fluid drag system on pan and tilt “keeps your camera perfectly balanced thanks to the video sliding plate”.

Befree’s patented leg angle selectors allow you to quickly choose between two positions, offering together with the levelling column the maximum versatility for camera positioning and levelling. The Befree Live Fluid Video Head with Befree Aluminum Tripod Kit costs $239.99.

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