Running Litepanels on Batteries Just Got Easier

Litepanels run on Anton Bauer batteries. Here’s how long they’ll run.

One of the most common questions regarding light fixtures and running on batteries is finding out exactly how much time you have for shooting at full power. You can do a bunch of math and figure out the rough estimate or now, thanks to Litepanels and Anton Bauer, you can check out this handy chart.

Litepanels and Anton Bauer used their forces for good to create this useful chart that shows each of their fixtures and their run time, depending on the power source. For those who didn’t know, Anton Bauer even started creating the Sony-style NP batteries a while back and those work great for your on-camera lights. Between those and their new-ish offering of V-Mount options for their digital and Cine batteries, Anton Bauer seems to have this whole battery thing figured out.

Things to Consider:

Your environment should be taken into consideration when using this chart. The tests for getting these numbers were probably done in controlled environments, so when you’re in the arctic or the desert, the run time will probably vary. Always over prepare with batteries or, if you have the ability, have access to your charging stations.

This chart is only good for the combo of Litepanels and Anton Bauer products. You’ll probably see similar results with combos of Litepanels fixtures with other batteries and the similar with Anton Bauer batteries and other lighting fixtures but they will most likely vary, depending on the combo. Click the chart to see the full article and chart from Litepanels.


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