Learn DaVinci Resolve 12 in 12 minutes

Everybody wants to play with DaVinci Resolve 12, but starting is, sometimes, difficult. It is time to try the Crash Course created by Denver Riddle. In 12 minutes you’ll learn how to use DaVinci Resolve.

Learn DaVinci Resolve 12 in 12 minutes

If you want to understand how DaVinci Resolve 12 works, take some time to watch the tutorial created by Denver Riddle, and download the footage used on the tutorial to try it yourself.

While more and more people download DaVinci Resolve to explore it, many have a difficult time grasping the multitude of tools. Discover the tools and techniques in 12 minutes, following the video created by Denver Riddle, which will jumpstart your discovery of this amazing NLE and color grading tool.

Denver Riddle is a colorist and founder of Color Grading Central. He has worked with various clients and Fortune 500 companies, from national commercial spots to feature films, from the U.S. Ski Team to Facebook and Instagram. And he is eager to share that experience with you, explaining, to start, how to best use DaVinci Resolve, in a 12 minutes Crash Course. But there are other tutorials available, if you really want to find more about the tricks used in Hollywood. Just follow the link to participate in free live training workshop on Thursday September 18 at 2PM EDT.

The Crash Course in DaVinci Resolve 12  comes with footage from cinematographer Chris McKechnie, meaning you’ll be able to use the same footage used by Denver Riddle to create the tutorial. Use the link to download the footage.

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