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JMR: a fast and portable data duplication system

JMR Electronics debuted at NAB 2017 a portable data duplication system able to ingest and make multiple digital copies, duplicating 1TB in less than 50 minutes.

JMR: a fast and portable data duplication system

The new ICS Media MASSter 102 from JMR Electronics is designed for on-set and studios needing extremely high transfer data duplication.

Introduced at NAB 2017, the Media MASSter 102 is a standalone ruggedized unit designed exclusively for digital video applications. The unit which comes with a built-in monitor, is a versatile, light-weight, portable and cable-less data duplication device capable of copying multiple media devices to multiple SATA drives or other media devices simultaneously at speeds exceeding 20 GB per minute.

The unit can ingest digital media assets from a wide variety of media sources (including SD, SDHC, SDXC, MiniSD, MicroSD, T-Flash, RED cards, M.2, and more) and duplicated to multiple hard drives (SATA) or other media devices simultaneously, with no additional hardware required. Multiple copies of a 1TB file can be made in less than fifty minutes and the system has the capability to send an additional copy of data to cloud storage. The Media MASSter 102 can copy, backup, format, hash or wipe data per operator request.

Using the unit’s on-the-fly hashing and encryption capabilities, the transferred data is guaranteed to be an exact replica of the original data without modification, re-arrangement or corruption. The native Windows O/S allows for installing almost any Windows applications and remote control through any OS X, Windows, iPhone or Android device. The unit’s advanced touch-screen user interface, along with an HDMI port for an additional screen, makes it easy to use in both the field and in the studio.

The ICS Media MASSter 102 is an innovation from the ICS operating unit of JMR. ICS has pioneered the disk drive duplication market and is an industry leader in computer forensic data acquisition.

JMR president and CEO, Josef Rabinovitz said, “ICS’ 26 years of innovation in duplication and forensics have created an ideal product for Media and Entertainment workflows. Source media can be viewed in a write-protected environment to protect original media data against accidental overwrites. Multiple hash and encryption modes (SHA-1, SHA-2 (Hardware Accelerated) AES256 encryption, MD5, CRC32) ensure the digital content is exactly what was captured and identical in every copy. Studios and production personnel can now immediately make three or more copies of original content to protect their assets as they are being created. The thousands of similar units sold to the digital forensics market are a testament to the Media MASSter 102 ability to also deliver on JMR’s promise of Reliability, Innovation, and Performance.”

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