iPhone 15 Pro and external USB-C storage 9
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Scott, What is the safe procedure to disconnect the USB C cable from the iPhone 15 and external SSD? Since there is no eject mode in the iPhone 15 is it safe to disconnect the USB C cable from the SSD first (assuming the SSD is not actively recording or playing back a clip)? Or must both ends of the USB C cable be removed first from the Iphone 15 then the SSD? The latter case is shown in the Apple Iphone 15 Ad which I speculate is not required as disconnecting the USB C connector on the SSD should be ok.


Scott, thanks for the feedback. The main concern I have with the Iphone 15 pro USB C disconnection procedure is the additional stress and eventual failure after hundreds of insertion/detach cycles. Despite the overhyped Iphone 15 Pro advertising the truth remains the device nor the external SSD workflow (without a locking connector) is not designed nor suitable for “Prime time Mission Critical” productions in which failure is not an option. The Iphone 15 pro TV ad was comical with the ending tag line by the DIT after spinning the Resolve Micro panel gamma wheel saying “Viola … Cinema.” Check out this hysterical review of the ad on this Youtube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9lbZZ-xkQ0

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