Log on the iPhone 15 Pro: a big upgrade 1
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Craig Seeman

While the iPhone may not be my A cam, in run & gun and documentary style shoots where my A cam is trained on the subject, I can pull the iPhone out of my pocket and shoot a reaction shot or other contextual shot. It’s now much easier to intercut.


Just to be clear, is it possible to shoot in Apple Log but not in ProRes (which, in my opinion, adds very little to the image) Apple Log, especially in third party apps (in due course) would be great: the iPhone over-sharpening is horrible in video and photos

Scott Simmons

ProRes might not add anything to that first generation image capture but as an intermediary codec it’s all about everything thereafter.


What is the ‘MagSafe charging plate’ that you have used in the photo where you have attached an SSD?

Josh Rossi

In the white paper, they specify exactly what their new Apple Log is…

“The Apple Log profile is a scene-referred encoding using a logarithmic curve
and a wide color gamut. The purpose of using this type of profile is to best
preserve video data at capture time, with minimal processing. Log captures
are not intended for direct viewing, but rather as source clips used in post-
production workflows, where the desired rendering look and feel are applied
during color grading. These captures are characterized by a transfer function
and a color space.”

That is why it doesn’t have such a processed look, because it’s meant to minimally process the footage. The colors should be the same as the HDR, as both use Rec.2020, but I am not sure if the dynamic range would be the same as the HDR videos.

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