Blackmagic Camera app for iPhone revolutionizes ENG and more 9
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Oliver Peters

Where do you see variable frame rate? From my testing the app records in solid whole frame rates, like a true 24.0 or true 25.0. There currently is no documentation from Blackmagic, i.e. no user guide. So, I’m curious.

Oliver Peters

That’s interesting. Is that true of the ProRes encodes, too? I wouldn’t think that would be possible. I do notice that the H265 files seem to be encoded with a constant bit rate. At least all of the files came in at about 12 Mbps (1080p/24) as compared with Filmic Pro’s Extreme setting. That ranged between 25 and 50 Mbps. But wouldn’t a VFR recording have sound sync and timecode issues? For example, a matched-frame edit would come up on the wrong frame inside the NLE.

Oliver Peters

Just to add to this. I checked both the BM files and Filmic files that I shot at 24fps and you are correct. They do show up as slightly different from a “true” speed for each clip. IOW, 24.xxxxx instead of 24.00000. That’s as compared with a pro camera, like an Alexa. I’m viewing this in the INA player, which has a detailed inspector. I imagine that’s an iPhone issue. Mine can’t do ProRes, so I’m curious if that’s the same there.

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