Instamic, the GoPro of Microphones

For indie videographers looking for sound capture options, the small Instamic looks as a good solution. And the Pro version even goes underwater.


Now on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, and with close to $25,000 raised by more than 150 people in a single day, the Instamic seems to be able to reach the $50,000 goal, as there are still 29 days left, meaning the project will go ahead. The dream of its creator, of a sound recording device that anyone can use, seems viable now.

The Instamic is a small clip-on microphone that can easily replace microphones used in many video productions. For those moments when you can’t or don’t want to use the booms, lav/lapel mics, and other burdensome gear – the Instamic may be your portable go everywhere solution. The Pro version even goes underwater, down to 5 feet for a maximum of 3 hours.

Michelle Baggio leads the team responsible for the Instamic. With a passion for capturing life’s senses through film, Michelle says that he has been “on many shoots weighed down by equipment. These work for bigger productions, but what about life’s subtler moments. I dreamt about a tiny device capturing life’s textures so often lost between the recorder and the scene. A device that anyone could use. That device is Instamic. Let’s change the way we capture sound.”

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According to Michele Baggio, “the Instamic specs are more or less similar to any good Lavalier due to the innovative microphone array technology. The Instamic comes in two models, the Go, which can record sound in mono or dual-mono and the Pro, which also offers stereo. Both record at 48khz/24bit (uncompressed audio (LPCM WAV format), and allow a recording time of 4 hours in mono or 2 hours in dual Mono or stereo. The internal battery operates for 4 hours, 3.5 hours when using Bluetooth 4.0 to control the Instamic from a smartphone.

The Instamic records sound to a 2GB internal memory, an option that while limiting the recording time allowed to build the microphone within an enclosure that makes the Instamic Go splash-proof, meaning a little drizzle won’t get in the way of your day in the field. The Instamic Pro is waterproof up to 5 feet underwater. For those working close to water this may be a reason to go for the more expensive model. Forget the heavy and expensive waterproofing gear – now you can produce sounds from the sea.

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The Instamic is very small, meaning it can fit almost anywhere. The microphone Instamic has a quick release clip that gives you the versatility to take it on and off in seconds. With each Instamic you will get 3 release clips with 3 different mounting options: magnet, velcro and tape. All 3 of them have a hole to attach your own lanyard.

To use the microphone the user just presses the recording button on the bottom part of the Instamic. Once the mic is on, simply tap and hold the button for a second, Instamic will automatically adjust the gain on its own in the first 10 seconds and then it will keep that optimal level. The microphone has 3 LEDs onboard, showing the input level. To stop recording tap again the button. Intamic can be paired with a mobile device. Then it is possible to control the input level manually from the app. Before recording users can access Instamic’s settings and customize them to their needs (Input level – Manual / Smart Gain, Rec Mode – Mono, Dual Mono, Stereo, EQ Presets).

The first drawings for the Instamic microphone project

The files recorded in the instance can be transferred to any device through the available USB 2.0 connector. The Instamic will show up as an external device from which the .wav files can be transfered. Could not be more simple!

The team behind the Instamic Indiegogo campaign expect to have the first Instamic models ready to ship during the first quarter of 2016. It will mark the end of a long journey, from developing the concept to getting the funds to continue to the manufacturing stage. It will be interesting to see if the Instamic really becomes the GoPro of microphones. And if there will be any future developments.


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