ImageFlow 1.5 released

The latest version of ImageFlow FX has been released this week adding a range of new features and plugins to the list of already impressive effects with which to bring your still images alive easily and effectively.


Create stunning image montage animations instantly in After Effects CS3, Final Cut Studio or Final Cut Express. Select a folder of images, select the animation style and hit play.

No rendering and no complex setup.

Perfect for Wedding and Event videographers, just select your folder of still photos from the event and instantly have animations with custom frames and borders.

All effects are rendered natively on the GPU on both Intel and PPC Macintoshes.

ImageFlow is also an essential tool for DVD menu backgrounds, motion graphics promos, documentary photo montage, real estate sales videos, digital signage, titles sequences and many more uses.

New Features

* Ontop of some new core features that significantly improves rendering quality, some new features include :
* A new multisampling option which can significantly reduce jagged edges and “sparkling” artifacts on rendered output.
* Higher supersampling levels increase the quality of ?nal output at the expense of rendering time.
* Improved sub-pixel ?ltering when scaling images down.
* A “random crop” option which randomly crops each image with precise control over the minimum crop area.
* + more bug-fixes and improvements

3 New plugins:


Creates a variation of the popular itunes “Cover Flow” with frames, masks and random crop options


Animates your images in circular or spiral animations with full control over camera position.

Light Wipe:

Transitions between every images with a soft glow effect with angle, softness and glow tint controls.

Watch a demo video of the latest effects at For more information visit

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