HPA Tech Retreat – Day 2 (abbreviated)

I logged in to PVC and spent 90 minutes writing up the day’s events. Apparently I took too long: when I hit “submit” I was asked to log in again, and all my edits were lost. Oops. Yes, I should have copied my work to a nonvolatile file; no, I didn’t. I don’t have time to retype everything, so I’ll have to leave you with a few pictures and some URLs.

Canon’s Larry Thorpe describes sharpness tradeoffs in 2/3″ camera design, part of his presentation (with Panavision’s John Galt) “Toward a Rational Digital Camera Resolution Metric”.

Bruce Jacobs from Twin Cities Public Television discusses the challenges of upconverting standard-def to HD for broadcast.

James Mathers from the Digital Cinema Society talks about feature film work with the RED ONE camera (he’ll also be at the Editor’s Lounge in Burbank on Feb 29, and at NetApp in Sunnyvale on March 1).

The BBC’s open-souce video codec, Dirac:

SMPTE Task Force on Timing & Synchronization (the successor to timecode):

SMPTE standards newsletter:

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