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In February the Hollywood Post Alliance brings together the top creative and technical experts from  all aspects of the content creation, management and distribution world. Taking place February 18th – 22nd in Indian Wells, California, the 2013 annual HPA Tech Retreat is shaping up to be another world class information fest. Far more intimate than NAB, this venue serves to foster a better understanding of the issues and solutions affecting all of us in our industry. This 4 day event is designed to give those of you who are media industry professionals a continuing competitive lead in our world.

The typical day starts with the now famous breakfast roundtables. These are hosted by anyone who has a specific topic they are interested in. Others join in to network, hash out issues and find new solutions to existing problems. It's a great “meeting of the minds” that you won't easily find anywhere else. 

HPA Tech Retreat Breakfast Roundtables









Breakfast roundtables.


After breakfast it's off to a full day of seminars on many diferent subjects, kept to a tight schedule by the entertaining Mark Schubin. Also available throughout the day is the demo lounge where many manufacturers and software developers introduce new technologies for the first time. This is a good way to get some up close and personal “hands on” time without the craziness associated with the typical industry show. For example, my good friend Philip Hodgetts is releasing his new super duper logging and more solution “Lumberjack” at this year's event and will be there to answer questions and take suggestions.


And finally, the evening brings the chance to network and discuss the brain overload that has been accumulated during the day. To get a true idea of the breadth of topics that will be covered this year, check out the 2013 program. I look forward to seeing you there.


Informative seminars

Informative seminars.

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