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Hindenburg adds -14 LUFS & Avid Pro Tools interoperability at NAB 2018

At NAB 2018, Hindenburg adds -14, -18 LUFS & Avid Pro Tools interoperability

Hindenburg has just informed me officially that at NAB 2018 next week, they’ll be announcing a few new key features to several Hindenburg programs. As I covered in my recent How many LUFS for ideal audio loudness? Why can’t we be friends?, both Amazon Echo/Alexa and Spotify are requesting audio loudness at -14 LUFS. Hindenburg is adding export options for -14 LUFS and also -18 LUFS for BBC productions. Hindenburg is also adding Pro Tools interoperability. Details and more news ahead.

Want to open Pro Tools sessions in Hindenburg?

Whether you need to revisit an old Pro Tools session or collaborate with producers using Pro Tools, you’ll now be able to do so. Hindenburg*’s new Pro Tools file import feature preserves all audio offset, gain, and fades from the original ProTools session. Hindenburg states: “This especially useful for Pro Tools users switching to Hindenburg*.”

Want to open Hindenburg sessions in Pro Tools?

Do you need to exchange your Hindenburg masterpiece with Pro Tools users?  You’ll be able to do that with the upcoming version from Hindenburg*. Just export Hindenburg* sessions to Pro Tools using the AAF export format. All tracks, audio offset, gain settings, and fades are saved and ready for continued production, so stations using Pro Tools can now easily accept work from Hindenburg producers after the update.

New loudness export levels

See my recent How many LUFS for ideal audio loudness? Why can’t we be friends?, illustrated above.

The upcoming version of several Hindenburg programs* now exports to -14 LUFS for Amazon Echo/Alexa, Spotify and your other online audio, if you prefer to standardize that. instead of the prior de facto standard of -16 LUFS (as I have already done in the latest episodes of my four current online radio shows, see below). The new Journalist version also adds -18 LUFS for BBC productions too. This is in addition to the existing export options already available in Hindenburg Journalist Pro, which for some time have included -24, -23 and -16 LUFS, which are all clarified in detail in How many LUFS for ideal audio loudness? Why can’t we be friends?

ASIO: Audio Stream Input/Output

ASIO is a sound interface driver protocol used by some multi-channel audio devices on the Windows platform. When using ASIO, the audio interface takes over all inputs and outputs. The new update to many Hindenburg programs* now supports ASIO.

To record onto multiple tracks simultaneously from a multi-channel audio device from within Hindenburg*’s workspace, simply choose your desired input channel from the audio source selector for each individual track.

*Support for PTX, PTF, AAF file formats will be available after the next Hindenburg Broadcaster, Journalist PRO, and Educator update. This excludes the non-PRO version of Hindenburg Journalist, (which doesn’t have multitrack recording the way the other versions do), although you can upgrade from the standard one to PRO at any time.

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For more info, visit Hindenburg.com online, or visit Hindenburg at the ENCO booth at NAB 2018. It’s booth N3824.

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