Gonna Miss You Frank!

It is unfortunate that my very first blog entry has to be an obituary. In case you haven’t heard the news, Frank Capria is no longer with us. No, don’t panic, he isn’t pushing up daisies, it’s a little worse than that, he is working for a manufacturer! Of course I’m running with a bit of humor here, but there is also a serious undertone. Frank was one of the guys leading the resistance to push the manufacturers to improve the products and pricing in our market space… and now he’s been absorbed.

This could actually turn out to be a very good thing as the company he has joined, Avid, has been working very hard at giving away their lead in the market for many years now. It was long past time for new blood. On the other hand Corporate workplaces have been known to suck the life out of many creative people. From the sidelines this promises to be an interesting ride.

A few months back Frank talked me into joining the elite staff here. My natural laziness has kept me from coming up with my first post. With Frank’s impending departure, I am sort of forced to actually work now. For that I will never forgive Frank. 😉

You can look forward to an increasing output from me, even if that scares you. Though I could never touch Frank’s acerbic wit or voluminous output, I will attempt to give you any kernels of wisdom that I might be able to part with. Your feedback is always welcome.

Gonna miss you Frank, carry on the good fight within those hallowed walls!

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