Gigabyte AERO 15: first laptop with a X-Rite Pantone certified display

If a 15-inch laptop is enough for your daily productivity, then the AERO 15 may be a dream machine built around a display that ensures true color reproduction.

Gigabyte AERO 15 with a X-Rite Pantone certified display

The new Gigabyte laptop, AERO 15, is a world first, with X-Rite Pantone display color certification by standardizing every unit’s display for the best replicated color possible.

Battery life is essential for a laptop, so the AERO 15 comes with a high-performance 94Wh battery which offer up to 10 hours of work, according to Gigabyte… although real world specs may be more humble, as usual. Further flexibility is offered by the laptop’s slim and light AC adapter – featuring a USB charging port for mobile devices.

The new Gigabyte laptop really needs all the energy it can have, as under the hood a high performance NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card, with 6GB of memory, and a 7th Gen Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU paired with dual-channel DDR4-2400 RAM make the machine come alive. In terms of storage the AERO 15 has dual M.2 PCIe x4 SSDs, enabling blazing transfer speeds and instantaneous response times. Thunderbolt 3 with transfer speeds up to 40Gbps also makes an appearance in the shape of a USB Type-C connector with 5V/3A output.

All this power comes in a laptop that has a footprint as small as a traditional 14” laptop, but offers a 15.6” display. This engineering feat results in the world’s thinnest screen bezels, measuring only 5mm wide. Furthermore, portability and a slim form factor has been paramount in the development process, with the AERO 15 coming in at 1.9 cm thick and 2.1kg – ensuring go-anywhere mobility and flexibility paired with massive processing power.

Set to appear on store shelves in May, this 1.9cm thick powerhouse boasts an X-Rite Pantone Certified 15.6” display panel. X-Rite Pantone is a world-renowned authority on color, partnering with Gigabyte to ensure true display color reproduction. Each AERO 15 display panel is fully calibrated to X-Rite Pantone standards prior to shipping. The AERO 15 comes with a Full HD (1920×1080) WVA panel, offering true-to-life project-to-print colors. A 4K UHD option (3840×2160), equally X-Rite Pantone certified, is set to be made available during Q3 2017.

The AERO 15 not only comes with a full-size keyboard with tactile feedback for maximum usability, but is also the first to feature a 16.8 million color per-key RGB backlight to a professional laptop. You can bind macros to each key, boosting productivity, just as easily as you can control the lighting effects with the bundled Gigabyte Fusion software.

The new laptop offers a chassis and cover machined from aluminum, using state of the art technology in chassis manufacturing, the CNC (Computer Numerical Control), which is an automation of precise machine tools which creates well-detailed chassis. With colour being an essential element of the new laptop, the choice of colors extends to the AERO 15 itself. Users can choose from three colors, ranging from sober and stylish Black to flamboyant and stand-out Green via a fiery, edgy Orange/Black combination. Each back cover also houses another unique Gigabyte design feature, the Nano-Imprint Lithography triangle, adding yet another touch of exclusive feel to the CNC-machined cover.

A machine that will interest photographers on the move, graphics artists and gamers, albeit the small screen… and input keyboard, the AERO 15 is available for a price of $1900 in its Full HD version. Expect to pay more for the 4K UHD when it is launched.

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