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This industry move is disappointing for those who care about accuracy. Anything with that few dimming zones is going to have the same problems that make Apple’s XDR display unacceptable for video professionals. OLED is going to stay a more accurate technology than mini-led until you get to per pixel dimming. Dimming zones cause problems for contrast accuracy that won’t be fixable for professionals who need an accurate display. See how that laptop displays a star field pattern and the problems become very evident. This isn’t a pixel-peeping issue, it’s an underlying display comprise that is a step backwards from OLED in terms of display accuracy. I’m sure it looks great but mini-led is not going to be an OLED replacement for content creators who care about an accurate display. Black levels simply can’t be content dependent. With that said this will be amazing for anyone else; 1000 nits is a lot of fun but this is another step in the perpetuation of problematic consumer technology.

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