FSI has a new reference monitor

The new DM240 reference LCD monitor is one of the highlights from Flanders Scientific at IBC 2016. But there are other products and prototypes making their IBC debut.

FSI has a new reference monitor

The DM240 is a durable, lightweight, efficient, and color critical production monitor equipped with FSI’s most advanced feature set and capabilities. It is the star of FSI’s presence at IBC 2016.

Flanders Scientific will be showcasing the monitor at the stand 10.B10 at IBC 2016. Bram Desmet, CEO/GM of Flanders Scientific, explains that “the DM240 was specifically built for DITs, editors, and colorists that want the top of the line capabilities of our DM series monitors, but don’t necessarily have the need or budget for the OLED level performance of the DM250. The DM240 is equipped with one of the best LCD panels we’ve ever used in a professional monitor, only being outperformed by the DM250 OLED. At half the price of the DM250 OLED the DM240 LCD is positioned to make our most powerful DM series monitors much more accessible to a wider variety of users.”

Here is a quick recap of DM240 highlights:

24″, 10bit, 100% P3 gamut coverage
Excellent 1500:1 contrast ratio
LiveGrade Pro & QTAKE integration for real time LUT updates
Zero Delay video processing mode
Cross conversion capability
4 position Image Flip
Monitor outs, in addition to clean loops, allowing you to send processed (LUT applied) signals downstream to other connected devices
Solid metal chassis like all FSI monitors
Ships early October, available for preorder now at $3,995
SDR and EDR Side-by-Side

FSI will showcase a side-by-side demo of standard dynamic range and extended dynamic range configured on its 24.5″ OLED monitors. This demonstration is meant to showcase Flanders Scientific’s continuing work on High Dynamic Range solutions as well practical applications where the CM250 and DM250 OLED monitors can be utilized for quality control of High Dynamic Range content.

BoxIO For Calibration

See BoxIO working directly with  the current version of LightSpace CMS for test patch generation and direct load of 1D and 3D LUTs. You will also be able to see how BoxIO can be used for calibration of 4K displays with its 4K up to 30P support over a single device using its 2 x 3Gbps SDI connections in dual channel mode.

Additionally, CalMAN users will be able to have an early look at a beta release featuring direct LUT loading and other capabilities.

BoxIO For On Set Color Management

Stop by the Flanders Scientific stand at IBC for a look at the most recent BoxIO on set color management capabilities and integrations including new compatibility with FireFly Cinema software.

4K Prototype

Flanders Scientific will be showing their 31″, true 4K (4096×2160) resolution, wide gamut, prototype monitor. This unit is not yet for sale, but you can take an exclusive look at IBC as this will be the only time the unit is shown in Europe this year.

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