Flanders Scientific: new LUT box and 31” 4K monitor

Monitors will be an important part of Flanders Scientific presence at NAB 2016, but the company has an entirely new product to show: the BoxIO, advanced color management devices that take LUT box technology to the next level.

Flanders Scientifc at NAB 2016

The new FSI 4K prototype monitor, with a resolution of 4096×2160, will be one of the key elements at Flanders Scientific booth at NAB 2016, but a production monitor, the new 16.5” DM170, and the completely new BoxIO models are also good reasons to visit their space in Las Vegas.

The 16.5” DM170 production monitor is a more compact version of Flanders Scientific’s flagship DM250 display. The DM170 is a durable, lightweight, efficient, and color critical production monitor equipped with Flanders Scientific’s most advanced feature set and capabilities. Industry leading fast mode processing, a strong all metal chassis, and direct integration with today’s most powerful color management tools make the DM170 a production environment workhorse for applications where color really matters.

The DM170 utilizes a native HD 10bit LCD panel with a wide color gamut covering 99% of DCI P3 and featuring a real-world contrast ratio of 1400:1. The DM170 features 12bit 3Gbps SDI inputs and is equipped with Flanders Scientific’s advanced third generation color fidelity engine that supports both calibration and DIT/LookLUTs.

Flanders Scientifc at NAB 2016

Flanders Scientific CEO & GM Bram Desmet said “the DM170 has been purpose-built for production applications where a color critical compact monitor is required.” The DM170, as well as the DM250, will also feature a new low latency image flip capability allowing for horizontal, vertical, and horizontal plus vertical image flip viewing modes.

The DM170 offers direct integration with on set color management solutions like Pomfort’s LiveGradePro and QTAKE’s Grade module allowing for on set grading use without the need for a standalone LUT box. This monitor also has 18 different scopes and meters, an adjustable exposure check tool, and advanced pixel level measurement capabilities. Additional capabilities including DVI and Display-Port cross conversion to SDI and an anamorphic de-squeeze functionality for 1.3x, 2.0x, 1.3xMag, and 2.0xMag de-squeeze ratios. The DM170 costs $3,695 and is scheduled to start shipping in early June.

Also on show at NAB 2016, and exclusively there, as Flanders Scientific indicates the monitor will not be shown elsewhere until near product launch, the prototype of a 31” true 4K resolution panel offering a wide color gamut offering 99% DCI P3 coverage marks the start of a new family of 4K monitors planned for the future. In addition to 4K and UHD monitoring capabilities, the monitor also allows to monitor 4 independent HD signals at the same time.

Flanders Scientifc at NAB 2016

The other new product, the BoxIO, is, as Flanders Scientific indicates, “not just 1 new product, but rather a whole new product category with 3 powerful models to choose from”.

These advanced color management devices take LUT box technology to the next level with some unique capabilities like frame capture support, real-time LUT updates, and dual channel operation. BoxIO is available in three different models to suit different budgets and needs.

All BoxIO models support 17sided and 33sided 3D LUTs and feature the ability to simultaneously apply 3D and 1D LUTs for advanced workflows. BoxIO devices also support real-time LUT updates for use with production environment software like LiveGrade Pro and QTAKE. BoxIO can also be used in 4K workflows thanks to its dual channel capabilities. Additionally, BoxIO allows connected applications to pull full resolution frame grabs for either reference stills or thumbnail creation.

All 3 Flanders Scientific BoxIO devices as well as all DM series Flanders Scientific monitors will offer compatibility with QTAKE’s new Grade module. This functionality allows users to make image manipulations with QTAKE during live monitoring without having to deal with GPU processing delay.

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