Everything you need to know about REDCODE RAW

REDCODE RAW is the key advance that made digital 4K video capture a reality, according to RED. Now, the company demonstrates why the proprietary file format plays a critical role in 8K.

Everything you want to know about REDCODE RAW

RED Tech is back, with a new video sharing the possibilities of REDCODE RAW and how, ays RED, the codec becomes more efficient as the resolution increases.

The technology REDCODE is what makes it possible to have efficient, manageable file sizes while maintaining image quality and flexibility. REDCODE RAW is a the key advance that made digital 4K video capture a reality. The proprietary file format efficiently encodes image data in a way that maximizes post production capabilities. Its efficiency helps content creators achieve increased image quality and smaller file sizes when capturing data-rich, high-resolution images.

Now that RED cameras are capable of capturing 8K resolution, REDCODE plays a critical role in managing the massive amounts of information contained in such ultra-detailed imagery. The codec becomes more efficient as the resolution increases, empowering productions that choose to use REDCODE RAW to save even more time and money as they are able to better manage their footage. The codec, says RED, will save time and money for shooters,

The new video at RED TECH covers the benefits of RED cameras recording in RAW and the advantages of using the technology REDCODE. The codec allows for non-destructive editing and stores the original material without modifying or requiring a duplicate copy of the material. This makes grading fully reversible, maximizes image quality, and reduces storage requirements.

According to RED, here are the top 5 benefits of using REDCODE RAW:

  1. RED cameras record RAW data to maximize image fidelity and post-production flexibility.
  2. REDCODE RAW provides tunable file sizes for superior image quality and lower storage requirements than ProRes or other codecs.
  3. Enables a RAW workflow with non-destructive editing which is fully supported by all the major post-production software packages such as Adobe, Apple, Avid, Resolve, etc.
  4. Because the files are RAW, additional metadata is available, giving us a window into how the image was shot.
  5. No other camera has this capability.

The video explains the essential aspects of the technology, but RED promises to share further details about how creatives can capture the most vivid colors, the highest levels of dynamic range, and achieve the best picture quality using the flexible and efficient REDCODE RAW file format.

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