Eizo: first monitor with USB Type-C

The new 27-inch FlexScan EV2780 is Eizo’s first monitor to use a USB Type-C terminal, a technological solution we will see expanding rapidly, due to its convenience.

Eizo: first monitor with USB Type-C

With USB Type-C, a single cable transmits video, audio, and USB signals and also distributes power, an ideal solution to reduce the mess of cables around your computer desk. The FlexScan EV2780 monitor introduces the terminal in Eizo’s family of monitors.

The new monitor from the Eizo Corporation is not a revolutionary product. In fact, it’s a 27-inch screen which uses a LED-backlit IPS (in-plane switching) LCD panel with a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 and 178° viewing angles. The typical brightness is 350 cd/m2 and the contrast ratio is 1000:1.

A built-in sensor called Auto EcoView automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness in accordance with the ambient brightness to trim power usage while reducing eye fatigue. A preset mode called “Paper” mode reduces blue light for more comfortable viewing.

Newly-developed EIZO proprietary software called Screen InStyle lets users assign a preset mode to applications and adjust the circadian dimming and power settings. The settings can be applied to all monitors in a multi-monitor setup eliminating the need to adjust each monitor manually. A server app for Screen InStyle allows an administrator to control the settings of all EV2780 units in an installation from a central location. This is especially helpful for enterprises that want to ensure all units are adjusted properly and the power-save settings are activated.

Externally this is an evolution of the FlexScan family. The cabinet is essentially bezel-less with a frame that is just 1 mm in width. This minimalist design combined with a fully-flat surface makes for seamless viewing. The cabinet is available in black or white with cable colors to match. The monitor comes with an ergonomic stand with 155 mm height adjustment, 40° tilt (5° down, 35° up), 344° swivel 90° pivot for portrait mode.

Eizo: first monitor with USB Type-C

Other features available include one DisplayPort and one HDMI input terminal, dual one-watt internal speaker and a headphone jack. An overdrive circuit with 5 ms gray-to-gray response time gives smooth display of moving images. The monitor offers flicker-free viewing at all brightness levels and sRGB, Movie, Paper, and two user-adjustable preset modes. In terms of energy, it needs 23 watts of power during typical use, with zero watts of power consumed when the main power switch is off.

What really makes this monitor news is the presence of the USB Type-C terminal, which means that a single cable transmits video, audio, and USB signals and supports a super speed transfer rate of up to 5 Gbps between the FlexScan EV2780 and connected devices. In addition, the FlexScan EV2780 can supply up to 30 watts of power for recharging notebook PCs and other devices via one USB Type-C cable, eliminating the need for separate power cables.

The flexibility of a USB Type-C terminal makes the FlexScan EV2780 versatile for both conventional offices as well as the increasing number of “free address” offices where employees move around – usually with their notebook PCs – to collaborate with other employees as needed rather than work from an assigned space. It’s, obviously, besides a sign of the future in terms of monitor connections, also a good solution for anyone else looking for way to get rid of multiple cables, a promise that comes with the use of USB Type- C terminals. Now let’s hope that Eizo introduces the technology in their ColorEdge series of monitors, for imaging professionals.

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