Eizo ColorEdge CS2740 and FORIS NOVA: monitors for work and entertainment

The new ColorEdge CS2740 is a professional monitor that expands Eizo’s portfolio, but the company also has an entertainment monitor, the FORIS NOVA, available in a limited edition.

Eizo ColorEdge CS2740 and FORIS NOVA: monitors for work and entertainment

Eizo just announced its new ColorEdge CS2740, for photo and video creators, but recently introduced the FORIS NOVA, its first 21.6-inch OLED monitor, for entertainment, from 4K videos to streaming.

Eizo announced its new solution to make “video production comfortable”, the ColorEdge CS2740, which takes the place of the ColorEdge CS2730, offering more pixels, 10-bit input and more connections in what Eizo says is as an easy-to-use 27-inch 4K UHD high resolution display, which combines large production space and compactness.

Eizo ColorEdge CS2740 and FORIS NOVA: monitors for work and entertainmentAble to display 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) high resolution, the monitor supports 10-bit input (approximately 1,073,4 million colors) for richer color reproduction, meaning there is no gradation loss or color cast, making the ColorEdge CS2740 effective for editing and checking video and photo data. Users should note that 10-bit display requires a graphics board and software that support 10-bit output. Eizo also says that for 10-bit display with HDMI connection, Deep Color compatible device is required.

The ColorEdge CS2740: calibrate it in 90 seconds

The wide color gamut display covers 99% of Adobe RGB color gamut. Calibration is both quick and accurate, says Eizo, taking only one and a half minutes. Dedicated software “ColorNavigator” is available to adjust ColorEdge so that it can display accurately according to the purpose of creative work such as photo editing, printing, and Web content production. A dedicated sensor required for calibration is also available as an option.

The monitor is equipped with USB Type-C, providing a one cable connection with a notebook PC. Eizo states that the ColorEdge CS2740 can be easily connected to an Apple iMac, MacBook Pro, etc. with a single USB Type-C cable included with the monitor, and power can be supplied to a notebook PC such as a MacBook Pro with a single USB Type-C cable. This makes it easy to have a clutter free desk when you need to connect a laptop to the monitor, to have access to a large work space and a correct color confirmation environment.

The monitor features with three input terminals: USB Type-C, DisplayPort, and HDMI. The ColorEdge CS2740 also offers two USB ports mounted on the side of the monitor for easy insertion and removal. Even if there is no free USB port on the PC, you can comfortably connect a mouse, keyboard, tablet, etc. via the monitor. The height, tilt and orientation of the monitor screen can be adjusted freely with a compact and wide stand. The back of the monitor is also equipped with a handle that is convenient to carry.


There is no mention of price or availability for the ColorEdge CS2740 in North America, and there is also no mention of price and availabitlity for the FORIS NOVA, the first 21.6-inch OLED monitor from Eizo, although there may be a reason in this second case: the FORIS NOVA launches with limited availability of 500 units worldwide. Eizo asks those interested to contact the company directly, to know how to get one of these monitors, now shipping to the US, Europe, China, and Japan.

Eizo says that the FORIS NOVA is developed with expertise culminating from years of dedication to EIZO’s ColorEdge color management monitor solutions, which are widely used by the media & entertainment industry for color-critical work. This can be translated as “this monitor offers quality above the usual TV sets you’ll find in the market”, although the FORIS NOVA is not designed with work in mind, but entertainment, including 4K videos, streaming, and gaming, including HDR content.

Eizo ColorEdge CS2740 and FORIS NOVA: monitors for work and entertainment

Monitor covers 80% BT.2020

The monitor incorporates a 21.6-inch OLED panel which is made up of organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) for precise lighting control of individual pixels. Eizo notes that the 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio “allows it to display deep blacks and draw out subtly nuanced highlights and shadows, which are not typically visible with a conventional monitor.”

The monitor also supports HDR10 and HLG (hybrid log-gamma). HDR (High Dynamic Range) approximates the human perception of color and light for an experience truer to the real world. These features, combined with 80% BT.2020 coverage and the capability to display over 1 billion colors, allow users to immerse themselves in a unique and captivating experience.

With 2 x HDMI inputs supporting 4K/60p, USB charging port for digital media players such as the Fire TV Stick and a low response time of 0.04 ms that offers an enhanced gaming experience – when playing full screen at 4K/60p or full HD (1920 x 1080), the input lag is as low as 1.67 ms – the FORIS NOVA looks as if Eizo is testing the market, to decide if it makes sense to expand the family with more OLED monitors, for entertainment.

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