Edelkrone: The End of the PocketSERIES

Edelkrone is putting an end to their PocketSERIES, and they’ve a clearance sale on products for cinematographers.

Every ending is a new beginning… The cryptic message from Edelkrone on social media is now explained. The company has a clearance sale on their PocketSERIES.

Conceived as a series of products for those wanting to travel with minimum gear, offering solutions for indie cinematographers based on accessories that generally fold to a size similar to a battery grip under a DSLR, the PocketSERIES from Edelkrone has reached an end. This explains, probably, why the recently presented Flex-Tilt Head, although a small piece of equipment, is not included in the PocketSERIES.

The company announced they are saying goodbye to their PocketSERIES, with a drop in price of 30% while stocks last. So, if you want to have some of the products from the series, this is the moment. There are some interesting options to choose from, even more now that the price is down. Here are some of the products from Edelkrone’s PocketSERIES catalogue.

PocketSHOT –  Winner of a reddot award in 2014, the PocketSHOT is a video stabilizer allowing users to shoot longer stable shots without getting tired. PocketSHOT is optimized for light camcorders but can be used with heavier camcorders and DSLR’s too as long as you adjust the hinge tensions accordingly. With PocketSHOT you get a belt stick, chest support, top handle, tabletop mini stand and many different variations. The amount of setups you can get is literally endless! There is nothing as comprehensive and as flexible as the PocketSHOT out there.
PocketRODS is the world’s most compact base plate solution. You can use professional equipment such as a follow focus. It’s adjustable and compatible with all cameras and rod based equipment. When folded, it sits hidden underneath your camera in a form smaller than a battery grip.
PocketSUPPORT is the smallest camera support system. It can be used as a top handle, a chest support and a belt stick. The top handle form helps you use your camera for low shots, the chest support form gives you the third point of contact like a gun stock to help you stabilize your shots, and the belt stick form can be used as a half monopod, helping you stabilize your shots and rest your arms. When folded, it sits hidden underneath your camera in a form smaller than a battery grip.
PocketSTAND is the world’s only pocket-sized heavy duty camera stand. Its adjustable legs are designed to adapt to any surface. PocketSTAND can also be used as a camera mount, that can cling on to certain edges or objects. When folded, it sits hidden underneath your camera in a form smaller than a battery grip. Works great with “PocketSLIDER” and turns into a portable slider solution that you can use on any surface or condition.
PocketHANDLES offers a comfortable heavy duty camera grip in an ultra compact form. The angle of the handles can be freely adjusted and can also be used as side grips for run and gun shots. Pocket Handles can also be adjusted for use as a table stand, and works great in combination with The Pocket Support.
PocketSKATER is the world’s most compact three-wheel camera skater that can fit into your pocket. It can operate on any flat surface for amazing slides, curved or circular shots. The angle of legs and wheels can be adjusted independently, giving you countless angle and curve options. When folded, it sits hidden underneath your camera in a form smaller than a battery grip.

The clearance sale lasts while stocks last, so if you think there’s some product in the series that you want to purchase, you better visit Edelkrone’s website now.


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