Dupe Detection is coming to Final Cut Pro and this is how it works 13
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Alex Gollner ⧜

Using the Timeline Index might allow for some more advanced operations.
– ‘Show triplicate ranges’
– ‘Show ranges also used in this other timeline or these other timelines’
– ‘Show non-duplicate ranges’

This feature took a while to be implemented. It could be a matter of priorities, although requests for this would have been brought up by editors since 2011. Hopefully the delay was technical – a new database needed to be implemented in 10.6 first (or new code for dealing with the current database). New systems inside Final Cut that might make the implementation of more long-standing requests of high-end editors more straightforward.

It is unkind for me to instantly want more after some editors get what they want, but that’s the nature of making apps!

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