Now when you duplicate a shot in the timeline FCP will place a colored line to indicate the frames that have been duplicated:


And FCP will also give you details about the duped frames as well as allow you to jump from one set of duplicated frames to another by right + clicking on a dupe marker in the timeline:


Just select one of the dupe frame listings from that submenu and the playhead will jump right to it.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 has a clip usage count instead of dupe detection

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 doesn’t have dupe detection. But it does have a cool feature that while not as useful as dupe detection can be handy in it’s own way. Within a PPro bin access the metadata Display from the drop down menu in the upper right corner of a bin or the project tab:


Then under the Premiere Pro Project Metadata section check the Video Usage and Audio Usage checkboxes:


With that option enabled each time a clip is used in an edit the Video and Audio Usage columns keep a running tab on how many times the clip has been used:


It’s not dupe detection but it is an easy way to see exactly what clips have been used with a single glance.

In a perfect world Adobe would add Dupe Detection to Premiere Pro and both Avid and Apple would add Video and Audio Usage columns to their NLEs.

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