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Allan Barnwell

I think it is strange that we are worried that an entire social media platform is at risk of being “cancelled.” But since that same platform has been the megaphone and primary instrument leveraged to cancel so many other people and institutions, it seems only fitting. Surely no one thinks that this is anything other than reactionary behavior to the person who acquired it as currently the majority of all media companies are laying off employees in large numbers. I’m just amazed at how willingly the masses seem to buy into the rhetoric of destruction. It is truly a sign of the times.

Andrew Smith

Panic over Twitter may be the news fodder of the week, but the hype doesn’t match the reality. We’re merely enduring the exodus of the noisy complainers. Twitter will be far better off for it.

Andrew Smith

I thinking it’s working out well and will only get better. Per

“…was trending to lose ~$3B/year (revenue drop of ~$1.5B + debt servicing of ~$1.5B) and had $1B in cash, so only 4 months of money. Extremely dire situation. Now that advertisers are returning, it looks like we will break even in Q2.”

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