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Tweets from the LACPUG meeting with MI: Fallout editor Eddie Hamilton

The wonders of social media and mobile devices yields some editing nuggets for those of us who weren’t there

There hasn’t been any shortage of articles, coverage, and content of the editing and post-production of Mission Impossible: Fallout with its editor Eddie Hamilton. At the top of that coverage would be Steve Hullfish’s fabulous ART OF THE CUT with Eddie where the detail is deep. And as a fun addendum to that AOTC Steve broke down Eddie’s MI:Fallout timeline in another post after a screengrab of that timeline made its way around the internet. So why do we need yet another post on Eddie and MI: Fallout? Well, we don’t but after scanning over Twitter this morning and seeing a lot of good info that came from Eddie’s talk at the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group Wednesday, September 26 meeting it’s worth putting some of these tidbits of information out into the non-Twitter world for others to see.

As always on these types of posts, a huge thank you to those who took the time out of the presentation to take the pics, and type up these gems of wisdom on what is presumably a tiny mobile device. Big thanks to Jamie Cobb and Jason Bowdach for the most detailed of tweets but thanks to all those who shared this info with those of us who couldn’t be there. Eddie is on Twitter too.

That is an intriguing way to work. It’s opposite of how some narrative editors work who would never dream of digging into a scene without viewing the dailies but it’s a great example of how there is no right or wrong way to do it. I’m going to try this myself.

I don’t know if this presentation was recorded to be posted online, sometimes they are, sometimes they aren’t but if so I’;; embed it here if possible. Thanks again to all those who tweeted from the event for all of us to follow. We thank your thumbs!

And a bit of non-LACPUG viewing to finish your coffee.

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Michael Horton

We won’t be able to post much of what we showed last night at lacpug. However we will try and put together some sort of chopped up version of the night.

Scott Simmons
Scott Simmons

Thanks, Michael. It’ll be nice to see whatever we can.