Color Finale 2 for FCPX: it is time to forget external color grading tools

The highly popular macOS-only colour grading plug-in for Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) from UK company ColorTrix, has been superseded by Color Finale 2 and Color Finale 2 Pro.

ColorTrix released Color Finale 2 and Color Finale 2 Pro for Final Cut Pro X, inviting users to experience grading in a whole new way… on their Final Cut Pro X timeline.

Presented as “the fastest most powerful way to color grade in Final Cut Pro X”, the new Color Finale 2 and its Pro version are major macOS-only upgrades to the popular Color Finale  FCPX plug-in, adding a host of new color grading and image processing tools above the standard color grading tools that ship with FCPX.

Many of the new Color Finale 2 tools are normally only found on high-end stand-alone colour grading systems. The new Color Finale 2 toolset has been specifically designed to simply the workflow between editing and colour grading,  says ColorTrix, “removing the need for Editors to move themselves and their content to an external dedicated colour grading system.”

Chris Hocking, Cinematographer at LateNite Films says “Wow, Amazing ! You’ve done some incredible work there – very impressed ! I wish we had this a few months ago when we graded a TV series in FCPX ! One of our biggest FCPX frustrations is the lack of mask tracking for colour grading, so this will be a massive help”.

Color Finale 2 for FCPX: forget external color grading tools

First stage on an expansion plan

Key new Color Finale 2 features include:

  • Masking – shape based and free form keying for selective color grading
  • Area Tracker – track masks on moving picture elements
  • Film Emulation Tools – add customizable digital grain
  • Shot Matching toolset – semi-automate primary color correction for shot matching
  • LUT Manager – auto-locate, live preview, and export of LUTs and Presets
  • Modern Sharpening algorithm – enhance perception of focus in soft areas of shots
  • Video Analysis Tools – locate and correct technical image anomalies

The release of Color Finale 2 is the first stage of an expansion plan that will see the company launch additional advanced colour grading and image processing plug-in products in 2020. Mike Grieve, Commercial Director at Color Trix says “Our belief is that the industry needs new colour grading workflows to deliver the speed, efficiency, and the creative variety, required in today’s fast turn-around post-production marketplace. The tools we’ve added into Color Finale 2 are the same as those found on high-end stand-alone colour grading systems, meaning that for the first time FCPX users no longer need to export or ‘round-trip’ projects to a third party color grading system, with all the complexities this involves”.

Color Finale 2 for Mac ($99) and Color Finale 2 Pro for Mac ($149) are available to purchase now. Upgrades from previous products to this versions are also available. If you want to try your hand at the software, there is a demo version available on the company’s website.

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