Cine Gear: Zero Optik’s Rainbow Super Baltar Lens

A small inclusive lens company makes a statement at Cine Gear

On day 2 of Cine Gear Zero Optik showed off a new lens at their booth. It was not difficult to find vintage glass or the interesting lens flare which attracted us to Zero Optik. It was the rainbow dyed metal housing for a rehoused vintage Super Baltar. Why rainbow? Because June is LBTGQ pride month. Zero Optik decided to make a statement, in their own way, as an inclusive small company for all of the Cine Gear attendees to see. I know this is a one-off lens design by Zero Optik, but to have a lens in any color, or even rainbow, does look darn cool.

Zero Optik is a Los Angeles-based design and engineering firm that specializes in modifying and customizing lenses for cinematography. Every one of our products is designed, manufactured, and assembled locally, using aerospace-grade materials and processes.

Zero Optik takes pride in their ability to meet a cinematographer’s artistic requirements with precise mechanical engineering and deliberate aesthetic choices. Zero Optik and those who work with them have decades of combined experience working within the camera department on feature films, network television, and national commercial spots, allowing them to tailor lenses to the specific practical needs of camera assistants and cinematographers all over the world. Zero Optik does not simply rehouse lenses; they design tools to allow filmmakers to push the creative boundaries of their craft.

Zero Optik

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