Cine Gear: VISTA-M Lenses by T M Camera Solutions

Modern mechanics and Vintage Look

A mix of modern optical performance and function with the character of a vintage lens. The all-new Masterbuilt VISTA-M lenses are Large Format lenses. The entire lens range has an aperture of T1.4 and a flair for flare.

These lenses are all about delivering vintage character. Like many older lenses, these MasterBuilt VISTA-M lenses all have very clear center sharpness and a look our Nathan Thompson thought reminded him of Canon K-35 vintage cinema lenses.


Like a lot of the new lenses on the market, these lenses have a vintage look, but with the added benefit of modern optics, and solid, modern mechanics. T M Camera Solutions told us they came up with a special optical process that combines a vintage look, with good center sharpness and softness to the edges of the frame. VISTA-M

When we talked to T M Camera Solutions they told us most of the VISTA-M focal lengths will cover the ARRI Alexa 65 sensor. According to T M Camera Solutions, the VISTA-M 6 lens set will sell for around $75,000 USD and the first sets will be available in August of this year. These lenses will be available in either PL, LPL, and Panavision lens mounts.


VISTA-M Focal Lengths

  • 18mm T1.4
  • 25mm T1.4
  • 35mm T1.4
  • 50mm T1.4
  • 85mm T1.4
  • 105mm T1.4
  • 135mm T1.4



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