Cine Gear: Images & Items of Interest

Assorted curiosities and amusing objects

Another year, another Cine Gear. Is there any other show that brings together so many unusual film and video toys?

Camera on a crane
Cinematographers have the best selfie sticks
Dado Vlentic in the ACES Academy tent
Dado Valentic, grading for an audience

The ACES Central grading theater was held in an open, light-blasted tent in B-tank. It may not have been an ideal grading environment given the poor black level control — but what would I know?

Lamborghini camera car
Cinematographers have the best dashcams, like this GSS C516
Lamborghini camera car
(In Hollywood, everyone drives a Lamborghini)
Gray camera cars
Is there a rule that all camera cars must be wrapped in matte gray?
The Enola Gay Grenade Co.? Why, colored smoke canisters, of course!
A cable-cam traversing the New York Street Set
A cable-cam traversing the New York Street Set
Angénieux Optimo 40mm T1.8 prime
Angénieux Optimo 40mm T1.8 prime. Brian Hallett has the story
Shiny Sigma cine prime
Shiny 14mm Sigma cine prime, one of a set of polished-barrel display lenses
Shape lens shades
Shape brings new meaning to “lens shades”
The view through an SLR Magic Hyperprime 35mm T0.95
The view through an SLR Magic Hyperprime 35mm T0.95
SLR Magic Micro Primes
SLR Magic Micro Primes. Now that Veydra Mini Primes are gone, these are the only dedicated MFT spherical cine-style primes.
SLR Magic 8mm f/4
SLR Magic’s tiny MFT-mount 8mm f/4 prime (designed for drone work)
The view through the SLR magic 8mm f/4 drone prime
The view through the SLR magic 8mm f/4 drone prime, using a GH5

Also in MFT lens news, Chinese company Vazen is launching three MFT-mount 1.8x anamorphics. I didn’t see them, but Matt Allard at NewsShooter did.

Infinity Photo Optical's Michael Bosold shows off a MikroMak "Nelsonian Optics" lens
Infinity Photo Optical‘s Michael Bosold shows off a MikroMak “Nelsonian Optics” lens
MikoMak lens
It’s essentially a deep-focus microscope lens that focuses to infinity
Moxie lens motor
3D printed mockup of Gravity Laboratories‘s Moxie lens motor
Moxie app mockup: up to 3 axes of control, via smartphone or handheld unit. $500 / axis. Coming soon on Kickstarter
CUBIX banner
Buried deep inside a building on South Chicago street, CUBIX showed off their workstations
CUBIX workstation
Liquid cooling is the thing: here, one circuit handles CPU and GPU
The coolant jacket for a GPU
The coolant jacket for a GPU
Dual cooling system
This beefier beast has two separate cooling systems. They share radiator space under the vented top panel
separate GPU and CPU cooling and power
It’s really two systems in one box: a CPU/storage system with its own PSU and cooling, and a GPU expansion chassis with a separate PSU and cooling.
CPU and memory cooling
CPU and memory have their own cooling system
four-GPU cooling system
A different loop cools all four GPUs

Sadly, most CUBIX systems aren’t quite as colorful; transparent piping encourages the growth of bacterial nasties after a while. Production workstations use opaque, un-illuminated cooling systems — but they stay just as cool, even at full throttle.

CMotion's wooden camera
CMotion builds elegant FIZ systems. They’ve been using this wooden camera since before Wooden Camera was a thing
CMotion's wooden camera
Note the minimalist UI (only five buttons, two of which probably lock and release the mag) and the unusual cooling vents on the film mag. The size of the shutter disk suggests 35mm or even 65mm, but the width of the mag implies 16mm. Sadly I can’t find any references to this camera in the tech sections of IMDB or ShotOnWhat so format, frame rate, etc. remain a mystery. I can however report that it’s very quiet in operation — no blimp required!
CineMoves Matrix 4-axis gimbal
The CineMoves Matrix 4-axis gimbal claims to eliminate gimbal lock. It looked pretty flexible panning and tilting from aimed straight up through straight down, and its control system dynamically assigns the “pan”, “tilt” and “roll” controls to different axis motors depending on orientation, so the controls always feel “upright” and correct. I never saw it lock or tumble, but some of the axes slewed pretty quickly to avoid singularities, and I might have seen a slight wobble at one point
Super Hornet 575-C full-color LED
Hive Lighting demoed the new Super Hornet 575-C full-color LED
Hive Plasma 1000
Hive got their start with plasma lights, and plasmas still comprise 20% of sales. Here’s the Plasma 1000 lamphead
Canon's Sumire demo setup
Canon demoed Sumire primes the right way, with pinpoint background lights for pleasing bokeh
Atla Lens Co booth
Atlas Lens Co., makers of Orion anamorphic primes, also had the right idea
Lower East Side street with banner
Coverage isn’t complete without the canonical Lower East Side Street banner shot
Size Matters!
Size does matter, according to The Rag Place
cineRT and RatWorksEngineering banners
One sees a variety of graphic styles cheek-by-jowl: here, FOCUSBUG and Ratworks
Lens tattoos
Some people really like their lenses!



Disclosure: I visited Cine Gear Expo on my own dime, and none of the vendors portrayed offered me any payments, bribes, free food, or other considerations in return for coverage. Darn it.


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