CHV releases Svengali Rays Lite (free) and Pro

Novemberer 18, 2008. CHV-electronics, software developer of plugins for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express and Motion announced today the release of two new plugin packages.

CHV’s Svengali volumetric light engine is different from the engines of any other light spill plugin. Svengali Rays produces a realistic looking 3D volumetric light effect that attaches the light spill effect directly to the titles without the usual gap. This feature is the key to create a realistic volumetric light spill effect.

Svengali Rays comes as a completely free “Lite” version and a highly sophisticated “Pro” version with many additional features.

Both plugin packages are based on CHV’s QC Integration FX Quartz Composer plugin platform. QC Integration FX needs to be installed to run Svengali Rays Lite and Svengali Rays Pro and can be downloaded from CHV’s website for free.

Svengali Rays Lite is a video title generator with a built in 3D volumetric light spill effect engine and works with the demo version of the QC Integration FX plugin platform without a demo watermark.

Svengali Rays Pro consists of two plugins, a video title generator and a video filter, both with a built in enhanced 3D volumetric light spill effect engine. Svengali Rays Pro shows a watermark if unlicensed. The plugin platform QC Integration FX needs to be installed, but must not be licensed to run Svengali Rays Pro.

All FxPlug plugin packages from CHV-electronics are GPU-accelerated, using the full power of the installed graphics adapter for direct feedback and fast rendering.

Svengali Rays Lite is free.
Svengali Rays Pro is priced at $ 55.00

Both plugin packages are available immediately and can be downloaded from CHV’s website.

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