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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Editor – 2019, the 10 Year Edition

For a decade The Editblog has been finding useful, useless, fun and unique gifts for editors.

Hear Ye Hear Ye – This is the tenth year the Editblog has published our Christmas Gift Ideas for the Editor column that lists great little and not-so-little things that would be great for most any television/film/video editor. It could be the editor in your life that you have to buy for or you could forward this list to your friends and family. Or if you’re buying for yourself then just use this as your own personal shopping list.

I find it hard to believe that I’ve been putting this little list together for 10 years. As other websites continue to rip it off and just list the usual suspects of the same obvious gift choices every year. I still try to find some unique, useful and fun things; many of them I have actually used. So enjoy this year’s list or take a look back: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,  and 2018. Just beware some of the oldest lists will have products that are out of date but they are fun to look back on.

Happy Holidays to editors everywhere and let’s hope that post does stop for spending time with friends and family around the holiday season. And if it doesn’t we’ve got product for you at the bottom!

Loupedeck CT

Loupedeck has recently introduced its brand new editing panel the Loupedeck CT. This is a hardware control surface more purposefully designed with video editors in mind compared to their older product the Loupedeck +. While I wasn’t a big fan of the + for video editing I can tell you that with my limited time using the CT I like it much, much better. It’s well designed, nicely built and full of features that make it a please to use for video editing. At $549 it isn’t cheap so it’s the perfect gift to get meaning you don’t have to buy it yourself if it’s a get! Send this one over to your parents who never know what to get you and don’t really understand what you do for a living anyway. I’ll have a full, in-depth review after the first of the year as I have to really dig into the CT to write a proper review (not the useless summary reviews that have popped up for the CT) but so far so good, especially if you get it as a gift!

Autonomous ErgoStool

If you use a standing desk then you might be interested in a really great stool with the Autonomous ErgoStool. I have a client that has one of these and after using it I ordered one for myself. It’s simple, easy to use and comfortable. It has an adjustable height from 25 to 35 inches and gives your body a break from the stand without sitting in an actual chair. At $99 it’s quite affordable. Autonomous also makes a good assortment of standing desks if you want to revamp your entire edit suite. IKEA also makes a similar “standing support” stool for a bit less at $60 but I think the quality of the ErgoStool is better.

A cheap, ultra-portable flat screen monitor

Not everyone has an iPad to use as a second monitor, nor do they want to take their iPad into certain travel editing situations so a cheap, ultra-portable flat-screen monitor is a nice little addition to the portable edit suite and prices are all over the map. These monitors are small, light and easy to use as a fast (micro?) HDMI connection means you’ve got a second display that is easy to transport and set-up. These displays aren’t a color-accurate grading monitor but what they do is, IMHO, invaluable to the craft editor as they instantly give you a second screen for edit bins, Adobe palettes, text documents and anything else you need to see alongside your viewers and timelines. Some, like this VIDOTEK LinQ which I’ve used on a few occasions, is a touch screen if your OS supports it.

A Long Time Ago in a Cutting Room Far, Far Away

A book is always great to have on the editor’s Christmas list so this year it’s A Long Time Ago in a Cutting Room Far, Far Away by Hollywood editor Paul Hirsch. Star Wars is the biggest blockbuster you’ll recognize but his career has a lot more than Star Wars. Of course, Amazon has the book as does Target. Or grab it with your Audible account.

A heated mouse pad

What do you get the video editor who has everything and has to work in an ultra-cold edit suite? A heated mouse pad of course. This pink one from Urban Outfitters made the rounds recently but it is only available in pink so men must be comfortable in their masculinity to put it on their desks. A simple black one might draw less attention to your cold extremities.

Or you can go questionable from a quality and design standpoint with a USB hand warmer mouse pad that is designed like a cat and has a heating element “made from carbon fiber” yet somehow manages to keep the price at $23. Buy that one at your own risk.

Editors Keys Editors Tees

No Christmas Gift Ideas for Editors list would be complete without some t-shirt for editors. If you haven’t seen the collection from Editors Keys then take a look as they have a great range of editing-focused t-shirts and hoodies that feature some great designs. Editors Keys sells a lot of high-quality editing keyboards and recording equipment so you might now know they have t-shirts. I didn’t until I was talking to them about their new backlit Resolve keyboard!

Tush Cush for your sub-par office chair

If you don’t have an Aeron chair at your disposal or you freelance at a bad-chair-business consider something like the Tush Cush to take along and help out your back. I’ve had similar on-deck for the Christmas Gift Ideas for Editors list before but since I’ve never used one I haven’t included it in the past that I remember. But a recent Twitter recommendation (and then seeing one in the wild) sealed the deal.

Film Editor Drive sign

Leave it to Etsy to never fail a holiday without some specific Film Editor gifts. This year we’ll go for a Film Editor Drive street sign. It’s $18 and would add some nice decor to the edit suite. It comes in different colors and can be ordered with a lot of other names besides “film editor.” How about Cinematographer Drive?

“Director’s Board” Christmas Ornament

Do you have a tree in your edit suite? How about this “director’s board” ornament to hang on it? It’s only $15 from Old World Christmas. We’ll forgive them for calling it a “director’s board” and not a slate as such an item is most useful to the editor and not the director.

Toilet Paper Blaster

Sure many offices around the world use any of the tons of different Nerf-like projectile guns for their office wars so why not be different and add a toilet paper blaster to your arsenal? They’re cheap and you don’t have to worry about losing the darts. Refill by heading to your bathroom (though you may get in trouble for this from human resources). You’re on your own cleaning up after the battle is over.

Portable cot

In the run up to December 25 if it does look like you might have to work on Christmas Day, why not spend a couple of overnights in the edit suite to get ahead of the game with a portable camping cot? These can be more comfortable and easier to setup than an air mattress. The one above is $80 from REI. Or hit a comparison guide for a lot of other options in style and price. Seriously though… if you do feel the need to work such long hours that you need a cot for your edit suite talk to your producer as that is insane. Insane but sadly it happens.

Christmas meals delivered to your edit suite

It would be a terrible thought to think that there is someplace in the world where post don’t stop on Christmas day but I know there are edit suites that will, sadly, be humming along on December 25. Why not make it a more festive day for you and your producer (surely you won’t be editing alone) by bringing in a full holiday meal, provided you’ve got some way to properly cook it or warm it up. Since the Christmas Tinner appears to thankfully be a hoax you can just order up a full meal in a box. Harry and David has your Christmas Brunch Hat Box for $70. Omaha Steaks will let you build your own holiday dinner though it might require more extensive cooking. If you have a Cracker Barrel in your neighboorhood you can pick up a holiday meal between 12/21 and 12/24 and just heat it up. Costco will sell you a Turducken for $80 but you have to be a member. Or just make it really easy and do a SendAMeal Christmas Dinner. You can even get a holiday meal for your dog. Done.

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