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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Editor – 2012 Edition

Here’s a few ideas for that hard to buy for editor. Or for yourself

Christmas is just a couple of weeks away (maybe less depending on when you read this). If you’ve got an editor in your life that you need to buy gifts for here’s a few things that he or she might appreciate. If you can’t find anything good here then check out some previous versions of this topic as there’s still some good stuff on the 2011 and 2010 list.

FXPHD Gift Certificates

Apparently fxphd has gift certificates available. Who knew! A full fxphd term would make an amazingly wonderful gift for the editor in your life as there’s always something to learn. The gift certificates page shows them available as a full term for $359 or an additional course certificate for $100. That’s a pretty sweet gift so this goes at the top of the list.

GoPro HERO3 Black Edition

What is life without a GoPro? Even though we are editors we like to have fun with a camera every now and then and the recently updated GoPro HERO3 is an amazing camera for its price. Opt for the $400 Black Edition as it’s got everything you need right in the package. There’s so many uses for a GoPro, from a time-lapse of the edit suite to loaning it out for the hard to get b-roll shot. It will be appreciated.

Spotify E-Card

Editors love to listen to music while in the edit suite. While an iTunes gift card is always a good gift another great option is a Spotify e-card. That’s basically a gift card for Spotify Premium that you can send for full premium access to Spotify. It would appear you have to have a Spotify account and be logged in to buy an e-card but that’s probably okay since you’re quite likely to have a Spotify account if you’re buying a Spotify e-card. If you don’t have a Spotify account then try it out for free. It’s a great service.

iTunes Gift Card (useful in the Mac App Store)

Speaking of iTunes gift cards … they can also be used at the Mac App Store so while all the iTunes music and iPhone apps are great an editor might find better use for an iTunes gift card to be for a Mac App Store purchase so feel free to give those iTunes cards as they can be redeemed at the Mac App Store. And then use the new feature in iTunes 11 to redeem it with your camera.

Della Luce Filmmaking Apparel

There’s an abundance of filmmaking related t-shirts out there (and maybe a million of them if you count all the cheapo instant-print websites) but if you want to give some higher quality filmmaking inspired clothing then check out Della Luce. This apparel is of high quality and features some very stylish cinema-inspired designs. Della Luce comes to us courtesy of the FreshDV guys and they do things right.

Movie Slate Highlighter

Most all editors get some type of paperwork at some point during the course of an edit so the film slate highlighter set can be a nice little tool to highlight lots of little things in a script and editor might need to highlight.

Some Fun Figurines

And while you’re shopping the Shakespeare’s Den website you can add to the figurine / action figure collection of the editor in your life if they are one of those editors that keep that type of thing around their edit suite.

How about a paparazzi play set:

Or maybe some horrified b-movie victims to react to some of the other little creatures they might have sitting around:

Some Cool Movie Slate Art (and other cool artwork)

Design site RedBubble has a few cool designs if you search movie slate. You can get these designs as prints, t-shirts and stickers so they can span quite a price range. If you dig deeper into RedBubble with a search like movie director you’ll really find a lot of gift ideas.

The Audio “Middle Finger” T-shirt

If you want a unique (and tongue in cheek) design idea then try the audio middle finger from Not everyone will pick up on the nuance of that design but your fellow post-production colleagues will and, hopefully, get a laugh.

Filmmaking for Teens book

If the editor in your life has a teenager then Filmmaking for Teens: Pulling Off Your Shortsmight be a good read for them to get an idea of how to do a lot of this stuff.

Some Camera Lens Mugs and Cups and Stuff

Remember those Canon camera lens coffee mugs everyone went nuts over a while back? Those were neat but if you check out this little store on eBay you’ll see a whole bunch of very similar camera lens mugs and tea cups and things like that. It’s eBay so who knows exactly what you’re getting but this guy like his purchase and he got it fast

Hopefully there’s a few idea in there that might help when shopping for the editor in your life. Christmas isn’t that far away so order soon as you might have to pay for some fast shipping.

Class on Demand gift cards

Here’s a little UPDATE as there’s a big sale going on for Class on Demand All Access Cards. These cards would make a great gift for the editor as they give one or two full years “of unlimited access to all COD online titles.” That’s a nice deal

Grab a Platinum card for two years of access by using the code platinum50 at checkout (these codes come from a promotional email) and get that for $174. One year of access comes from the Sapphire card (code sapphire50) and that will cost $99. Those are two fantastic deals but if a Amazon Class on Demand gift card is more your style then those are available too with a great deal on the $200 card for $139

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