Cats are a photographer’s best friend
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Philip Bloom

Hi Jose,

I am so sorry about Yellow, it’s heartbreaking when we lose them but the time we have with them is so special.

After taking in 14-year-old former Skiathos beach stray cat Severus this year, I’ve now got 6. I’ve known her for almost 5 years and she’s been in all my documentaries. I thought 5 was too many but I couldn’t leave her to struggle
in her twilight years and she’s a new cat now. Almost unrecognisable from the sedate and bullied skinny girl from Greece.

They are great subjects for photography and filming but even better companions. Now with my cat channel, I can properly combine them both. What’s funny is the cat channel videos are much more successful than the filmmaking channel ones!

I cherish every minute of the time I have with them. As I am sure you did with Yellow.

Wishing you a happy 2023.


Scott Simmons

Sorry to hear about that Jose. Pets are family. I remember being at NAB a few years ago in the middle of a press conference and got the message that our family dog had died. It was very painful not to be there for the family but mainly not to say goodbye to Carmel Tucker. She was fine when I had left. She left many great memories in my heart. I’m sure you’ll have the same.

Jose Antunes

Hi Scott. I remember well that moment, because I imagined the pain you were going through, not being able to be there with your pet. Yes, pets are family and when they leave we are left with the memories of the moments spent together. Still, it hurts. Thanks for your comment.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jose Antunes

Hey man,
So sorry for your loss. I have a calico Vida who’s about 5 now so I know they’re beautiful to look at and photograph.
A total moody diva like real human models too.

Andrew Smith

Cats sure do know how to pour on the adorable, especially at dinner time.

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