Cartoni to launch contest at NAB 2019 to celebrate its SDS Tripod system

Designed for camera operators on-the-go, the SDS Tripods are on the spotlight this Spring, with Cartoni celebrating the technology with a contest starting on the first day of NAB 2019.

Cartoni to launch contest at NAB 2019 to celebrate its SDS Tripod system
Italian cinematographer Paolo Sodi shooting horses at Camargue, using Cartoni

How do you use your Cartoni tripod and gear? Cartoni is inviting users from around the world to share how they use their Cartoni system. Three winners will receive a prize comprised of Cartoni products.

The Cartoni contest is set to launch at NAB 2019 and will feature Cartoni users from around the world.  Cartoni users are invited to submit in-use pictures or a short video showcasing how Cartoni heads and tripods supports their passion. Judges will select five finalists and feature the photos and videos across social media and invite the public to vote on the top three winners. Winners will receive a SDS Tripod system with FOCUS fluid head and have the opportunity to test and get a first look at upcoming Cartoni product launches.

The initial presentation of the contest uses as centerpiece the work of Italian cinematographer Paolo Sodi, who had this to say about the SDS system: “I found myself using the SDS tripod mainly for wildlife documentaries.  In shooting documentary, I have to work in total silence and the SDS has been an excellent partner. It’s very fast. With one movement, I can lower or raise both stages. It’s extremely silent as all of the parts slide in a perfect fluid movement. The spreader has an amazing extension and there is a very handy cord that you can pull to close the legs for fast, easy transport.”

Cartoni to launch contest at NAB 2019 to celebrate its SDS Tripod system

The most intelligent tripod

The SDS or Smart Deployment Series was, in fact, designed to be the most intelligent and fastest deployed tripod in the industry. The patented SDS Tripod is equipped with a single lock that secures all stages and allows all the legs to be deployed simultaneously for extremely fast set up. The SDS Tripod features a patented dual-stage spreader which can be deployed for extremely high or low shots (50 mm-155 mm or 19.7 in.-71 in.) while maintaining torsional rigidity and stability no matter the payload. Using an innovative ring system, camera operators simply pull the ring and both the 3 legs and spreader close in a single motion! The SDS Tripod sets up & folds in an instant! Moving locations is now easy and quick.

Essential for broadcast ENG, documentary film, content creation or any application where quick setup and teardown is required, SDS tripods from Cartoni are available in 75 and 100mm, and the SDS Tripod legs have a payload capacity of up to 60kgs (132 lbs).

“Camera operators all over the world have fallen in love with our patented SDS Tripod technology, which gives them the speed they need to capture incredible shots,” explains Elisabetta Cartoni, President and CEO of Cartoni, the Italian leader in premium camera supports for the broadcast, film and pro-video industries. To celebrate the technology and how it was received by professionals around the world, Cartoni created the contest, which runs  from April 8 until June 8, 2019.

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