Blackmagic EVF Modification

WC URSA EVF on camera

Do you know what kind of gear I love to spend my hard earned $ on? Gear which works across several different camera systems. So when I see Wooden Camera has released a Blackmagic EVF modification kit I get a little excited. Blackmagic made a fantastic Electronic Viewfinder and to see it get adapted for something like an Arri Mini is great news.

The BMD EVF has just about everything an EVF needs: false color, peaking, focus assist, audio meters, exposure meters, and easy to use buttons to access all of these features quickly.  At $1495 the Blackmagic EVF is a camera accessory hit, but it only fits the URSA and URSA Mini. Thankfully, Wooden Camera has stepped in.

The Blackmagic EVF Modification Kit allows you to take the EVF part of the BMD EVF apart from the mount intended only for the Blackmagic URSA and URSA Mini. Wooden Camera says “The L Bracket design can attach natively to our UVF Mount V2 and has 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 holes on the bottom as well as a 1/4-20 on the side. Included in the kit is a D-Tap to 4pin Mini XLR Cable measuring 24 inches long. The Modification Kit’s 4pin mini XLR pin accepts 12-24V.”

WC URSA EVF Kit complete

I will say, it definitely looks like you’ll void that ole’ warrenty if you do the Wooden Camera modification. However, for a great EVF to be used on one of Wooden Camera’s confirmed cameras (Phantom FLEX 4K, ARRI Alexa/Alexa Mini, RED Epic/Scarlet, and Blackmagic Cameras) it is a cost effective option.

In the end you’ll have a great fully featured EVF in a small, easy to use size, and fully adjustable EVF mount. Just take a look at your other options EVF wise: the Zacuto Gratical HD EVF = around $2500, the Zacuto Gractical X = $1650 (you’ll need to spend more $ for some necessary features like false color), and the new Red Weapon EVF = $4150… yep $4150.00. Though, I’m not sure the Modified BMD EVF would work on the Red Weapon. Would be great if it did. How about the Red Raven? One can only hope so.

Would you be willing to void a warrenty to use the Blackmagic EVF on a Red or Alexa Mini? I think I would. For a few reasons: 1. extending the life of a great piece of gear, 2. basic premise of saving $, 3. It has most of the features I need on a daily basis, 4. it works and why mess with something when it works so well.  I mean $1495 plus the Wooden Modification kit is still a great piece for a great EVF.

Now, I don’t want to talk down those other EVFs, Zacuto’s Gratical or the Red Weapon EVF. I can’t speak to the Red Weapon EVF, but I know Zacuto’s Gratical is killer. If I had a choice in a vacuum, I’d have foresight and choose the EVF which works across more camera systems, but I’m not in a vacuum and I love finding more uses for gear I already own. I own a Blackmagic EVF so I’m more than willing to modify it to use it on my next camera system.


WC URSA EVF on Cam closer

To find out more about the Blackmagic URSA and URSA Mini go here

To find out more about Wooden Camera go here

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