Blackmagic Design Updates USRA Mini Pro G2 With Firmware 6.4

The URSA EVF gets updated as well

“General Improvements” is the heart of the new camera firmware 6.4 for the URSA Mini Pro G2. Of course, there are more improvements than just general improvement.  A few standouts added, or improved, features are “Improved pixel recalibration,” “Retain jam synced timecode after a power cycle,” and “Fixed audio playback at 23.98, 29.97 and 59.94 fps.” For many shooters, the retain jam synced TC after turning the camera on and off is clutch. I do not think sound recordists want to jam your camera every time you change a battery or power cycle. You can download the new firmware from the Blackmagic Design website: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support



Please ensure that your device is plugged into mains power before running the software update. To update Blackmagic Camera Fiber Converter you will need to ensure that the unit is powered from the camera using the URSA 12V power supply rather than SMPTE fiber during the update.

For updating URSA Mini, URSA Broadcast and Pocket Cinema Camera 4K from Camera 4.0 or above it is advisable to export your presets and LUTs onto a card as they will be removed during this update.

What’s new in Blackmagic Camera Setup 6.4

New features for Blackmagic Studio Fiber Converter and Camera Fiber Converter

  • Add menu to Studio Fiber Converter.
  • Add audio meters to Studio Fiber Converter.
  • Add ability to adjust Camera Fiber Converter XLR input levels.
  • Add ability to use program audio feed as a source from DB25 connector.
  • Add the ability to adjust levels for headset gain and microphone gain.
  • Add PTZ de-embedding from ATEM via SDI Camera Control Protocol.
  • Add ability to configure talkback for production & engineering channels.

New features for URSA Mini Pro G2

  • Retain jam synced timecode after power cycle.
  • Improved jam sync timecode accuracy after playback.
  • Improved HDR SDI metadata support.
  • Improved pixel recalibration.
  • Improved door LED behavior on low battery.
  • Improved clip playback for renamed clips.
  • Improved EF lens metadata support.
  • Fixed still capture to slow media cards.
  • Fixed audio playback at 23.98, 29.97 and 59.94 fps.
  • Fixed XLR gains resetting after power cycle.
  • General performance and stability improvements.

New features for URSA Viewfinder

  • Improved support for URSA Mini Pro G2 built-in LUTs.
  • Improved overlays when used with URSA Mini Pro G2.
  • Improved UI elements for drop frame timecode.
  • Improved UI elements for URSA Mini Pro G2 USB-C record.
  • Improved iris readout.
  • Fixed record dot bug with status display.

New features for URSA Studio Viewfinder

  • Improved support for URSA Mini Pro G2 built-in LUTs.
  • Improved overlays when used with URSA Mini Pro G2.

No new features in 6.4 for other camera models.


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