Blackmagic Announces New ATEM, Web Presenter, and More

If you’re a broadcaster then Blackmagic may have the solution for you.

During a live-streamed press conference, Blackmagic Design’s Grant Petty showcased a handful of new products for broadcasting over the air and the web. The live-stream itself was also a way to showcase one of their new product announcements: the Blackmagic Web Presenter. The rest of the products announced all work within a broadcast realm. Below you have two choices. You can watch the entire Grant Petty Blackmagic  Design presser or you can read my cliff-notes with specific details peppered through-out.

Blackmagic Web Presenter

BlackmagicMy favorite of their announcements is the Blackmagic Web Presenter. This is a Teranex mini sized converter box which allows people to use professional SDI and HDMI video cameras, or sources, by using open source software tools such as Open Broadcaster and XSplit Broadcaster to open up global live streams like Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Skype, Periscope, and Twitch.tv. Since computers see the Blackmagic Web Presenter as a webcam, any software works and you can use any platform such as Windows, Mac, 
Linux, and Chromebook. You can even make broadcast quality Skype calls for doing live interviews easily from any location. If you are a broadcast on-line or even on-air and you promote on-line then this could be a smart tool to pick up. Hell, if you’re a DOP or Director who interviews via Skype then this could be a great way to have the best looking shot in the video call. I mean… shouldn’t the DP have the best-looking image in a video conference?

The Blackmagic Web Presenter will down convert any SD, HD, and Ultra HD signal and turn them into 720p USB webcam. Why only 720p? Streaming in 720p keeps the quality HD and the 16:9 aspect ratio while keeping low data rates so streaming to the internet is easy and without any hiccups or dropouts. If the streaming software detects a slow internet connection it can command the Blackmagic Web Presenter to reduce the frame rate to 20, 15, 10, and even 5 frames per second.  Yet, this is not a single source converter. The Blackmagic Web Presenter has a built-in production switcher when the optional Teranex Mini Smart Panel is installed. Hell, two sources are better than one. The Blackmagic Web Presenter is priced at $495.

Blackmagic Web Presenter Key Features

  • Converts any SDI or HDMI source to USB webcam video in 720p HD format.
  • No drivers required it works with popular streaming software such as Open Broadcaster, XSplit Broadcaster, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitch.TV and more.
  • Supports all SD, HD and Ultra HD input sources up to 2160p60.
  • 12G-SDI input with 12G-SDI loop output.
  • 12G-SDI program output, ideal for recording masters when doing live switching.
  • HDMI 2.0 input with independent HDMI loop output.
  • HDMI video input re-sync for live switching.
  • XLR balanced mic/line level audio input.
  • Consumer HiFi connections for 2 channels of audio input.
  • Teranex quality down converter.
  • Built in 2 input switcher when used with optional Teranex Mini Smart Panel.
  • Desktop design or can be rack mounted using the Teranex Mini Rack Shelf.

ATEM Television Studio HD

BlackmagicBlackmagic announced a complete update to the ATEM Television switcher, which is great because the old ATEM was getting a little long in the tooth. The new ATEM Television Studio features four 3G-SDI and four HDMI inputs so 8 different sources such as professional SDI broadcast cameras, consumer HDMI cameras, computers and even video game consoles are available to you on your next broadcast. ATEM Television Studio HD is compatible with all SD and HD formats up to 1080p60. There are two channels of analog audio in, RS-422, Ethernet, and a built-in IEC power supply, along with the program and auxiliary outputs. Users also get SDI and HDMI multi view outputs so they can monitor all sources, preview, and program outputs, along with labels, audio meters and more, all on a single big screen television or broadcast monitor

The ATEM Television Studio HD is an extremely portable design and is the world’s smallest all in one broadcast switcher. It’s only about ⅔ of a rack space wide of the original and is packed with quite a bit of broadcast features making it possible to direct a live switched program, with effects and transitions, right from the front panel. Don’t worry, the switcher also comes with software for those used to directing from their computer. The front panel features 8 large buttons for switching between sources, along with corresponding audio buttons, downstream keyer, fade to black, media player and cut buttons. There’s also a built-in LCD screen, spin knob and additional buttons for menus and to adjust settings like transition and effect parameters. Customers simply press the button for the source that they want to see next in the program, then hit the cut or auto button to switch sources, add effects, or even key in graphics. The ATEM Television Studio HD is priced at $995.

ATEM Television Studio HD Features

  • 4 x 3G-SDI and 4 x HDMI inputs for a total of 8 inputs, all with auto re‑sync.
  • Supports all video formats from SD to 720p, 1080i and 1080p HD up to 60fps.
  • 1 x built in multi view for 8 sources, as well as preview and program.
  • Built in media pool graphics storage for 20 RGBA stills.
  • Built in DVE with 3D borders and drop shadow.
  • Transitions include cut, mix, dip, SMPTE wipes and more.
  • 1 upstream keyer including chroma keyer plus 2 downstream keyers.
  • 1 auxiliary output with front panel aux switching buttons and LCD screen for viewing.
  • Built in audio mixer live mixes embedded audio from all video inputs and independent audio inputs.
  • Balanced XLR stereo analog audio inputs.
  • Internal sources include black, color bars, two color generators and 2 media player outputs.
  • Ethernet connection for computer connection. Mac and Windows control panel software included.
  • Compatible with all ATEM Broadcast Panel control panels when hardware panel is required.
  • Black Burst and HD-Tri-Sync genlock input for integration into large systems.
  • Compact ⅔ rack unit size is perfect for when in a portable solution is required.
  • Desktop or rack mountable using the optional Teranex Mini Rack Shelf.

HyperDeck Studio Mini

BlackmagicHyperDeck Studio Mini is a small Teranex Mini sized deck that records and plays back broadcast quality 10-bit video using commonly available SD and UHS-II cards. This looks like expanded tech from Blackmagic’s 4K duplicator and a smart move by Blackmagic to allow professionals to not only record their programs onto commonly available SH and UHS-II cards but to also use these same cards for their media playback during a show. HyperDeck Studio Mini features 6G-SDI for working with all SD, HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p30. HyperDeck Studio Mini is unique because it includes HDMI for monitoring, a built-in sync generator and ethernet for uploading media via FTP so it also becomes an ideal solution for digital signage tasks.

The small design of HyperDeck Studio Mini puts the features of a large professional grade deck into a compact size that’s only 5.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall. The small size was made possible because the HyperDeck Studio Mini records onto SD cards, which are a fraction of the size of SSD’s and other professional media. The design is based on the Teranex Mini form factor, making it modular so customers can mount HyperDeck Studio Mini using the optional Teranex Mini Rack Shelf and combine it with other products to create a completely customized deck based on their workflow. The HyperDeck Studio Mini is priced at $695.

HyperDeck Studio Mini Key Features

  • SD, HD and Ultra HD recorder and player
  • 1 x 6G-SDI input, 2 x 6G-SDI outputs, 1 x HDMI output
  • Two SD card slots for continuous recording to regular SD cards or UHS-II cards
  • ProRes and DNx codec support
  • 1080 ProRes 4444 playback with fill and key
  • LCD for monitoring, status information, and menu settings
  • FTP over ethernet
  • Remote control via ethernet or RS-422 connection
  • Internal sync generator
  • Power over ethernet, PoE+
  • Built in power supply


Lower Prices For Blackmagic Studio Cameras

It’s all about customer feedback with this change. Feedback proved Blackmagic Studio Camera users typically used the cameras with AC plug-in power so they asked for a model without the battery. The battery not only made the cameras heavier but also made for difficult shipping when shipped air freight. Removing the battery allowed Blackmagic to reduce the price of the camera. The HD Model has been reduced $200 and in priced at $1495. The Ultra HD Blackmagic Studi Camera has been reduced $800 from $2,495 to $1,695.

With the new lower price the new Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K is now the same price as the previous HD only model, making it easier than ever for productions to make the switch to Ultra HD.

Blackmagic Studio Camera Key Features

  • High-resolution 1920×1080 sensor in HD model and Ultra HD sized sensor in 4K model.
  • Built in large 10 inch super bright wide viewing angle LCD viewfinder with sun shade.
  • Optical SMPTE compatible SFP optical fiber socket allowing user installed optical fiber.
  • 3G-SDI on HD model for up to 1080p60 and 12G-SDI on 4K model for up to 2160p60.
  • Compatible with high-quality Micro Four Thirds lenses. Compatible with other mounts via common third party adapters such as B4 broadcast lens mount.
  • Built-in, two-way digital quality talkback using high quality affordable general aviation headsets.
  • Includes front and rear tally indicators using tally over SDI protocol.
  • Built in DaVinci Resolve primary color corrector.
  • Remote control camera features such as color corrector, lens control, talkback, tally and more via SDI from an ATEM switcher.
  • Features all standard connections, including dual XLR balanced mic/line audio in with switchable phantom power, headphone and microphone jack for talkback, LANC remote control, and standard 4 pin XLR broadcast standard DC 12V power connection.
  • On screen menus for all camera settings.
  • Supports 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30 and up to 60 fps in HD model, up to 60 fps in 4K model.
  • Compatible with ATEM range of live production switchers.
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