Behind the Scenes with the Zenmuse X7

DJI chose Portugal to create some of the promotional material for the new Zenmuse X7. The Behind the Scenes for the short film Riders shows how the new camera was paired with an ARRI model for the film.

Behind the Scenes with the Zenmuse X7

Riders, drones and a savage Atlantic coast mix to create the ideal conditions for filmmakers to take the new Zenmuse X7 to its limits. Find how the short film was created.

The Behind the Scenes of the Riders movie has more views than the short film itself, suggesting how interested people is in discovering the work done by the crew responsible for the project. DJI used different scenarios in Portugal to create promotional material for its recent products, including the Zenmuse X7 and the lenses introduced with the new camera system, and Riders used both the Atlantic coast South and North of Lisbon, Portugal’s capital itself and some other locations as backgrounds for the different scenes of the short film.

Centered on the custom bikes from a Portuguese company, Maria Riding Company, which saw the light of day for the first time in 2010, the short film Riders gave filmmakers the opportunity to discover every possibility with the DJI Zenmuse X7. From daytime aerial landscapes to low-light close-ups, it recorded vivid details and color, allowing the crew to swap from lens to lens quickly. The video reveals how the filmmakers captured footage with both the Zenmuse X7 and high-end cinema cameras, enjoying seamless post-production integration for a more professional workflow.

The video, with the action scenes, the preparation and the comments from members of the crew, helps to understand the whole cycle of production behind Riders. Stephen Nakamura, senior colorist at Company 3 (Pirates of the Caribbean, Kill Bill) says, in the video, the Zenmuse X7 is amazing and that he can not see difference between the footage from it and the camera used for the whole movie in general. To know more about the camera read the article published by ProVideo Coalition under the title DJI Zenmuse X7: Super 35 camera optimized for aerial cinematography.

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