BackLight 36L expands Photo Daypack family

MindShift Gear is back with a new version of its BackLight backpack, a family started in September 2015, with a smaller version. This 36L DayPack offers 10L more capacity than the previous version.

BackLight 36L expands Photo Daypack family

Designed for photographers and videographers who need to stay longer days in the field, the new MindShift Gear BackLight 36L offers extra space to carry gear everywhere duty calls you. The BackLight just got BIGGER!

With the introduction of the BackLight  36L Photo Daypack, MindShift’s commitment to providing photographers with rapid access to their gear continues to be the core idea. This new model follow the same logic of the BackLight  26L, launched September 2015, as the first model of this family. As with that other model, this new one offers a back panel opening, which allows access to all of your gear when taking the pack off is not an option. The zippered rear opening reduces the amount of dust, mud, ice or other elements coming in contact with your gear or the pack, while keeping your shoulder harness clean.

This other design present in the MindShift Gear range of products, a brand popular for its rotation 180° Professional 38L and derivatives, offers an alternative in terms of access to the equipment carried. Depending on what type of photographer you are, you may prefer one over the other, but one thing is common in the different families: both offer back panel opening, as traditional front-loading backpacks get wet and dirty when placed on the ground. These also do get dirty and wet, but not on the side that goes against your back when you carry the backpack. Rear-panel access also adds security when traveling since your camera gear is protected behind your back.

BackLight 36L expands Photo Daypack family

Available in two colours, charcoal and greenfield, the new BackLight 36L photo daypack is compatible with MindShift’s Tripod Suspension Kit, Filter Nest, Filter Hive and Switch Case, includes tripod and or monopod mounting system on front or side, padded waist belt for all day comfort on the trail with webbing rail for attachment of additional MindShift accessories mentioned above.

The BackLight 36L has 11 liters of daypack capacity providing plenty of space for personal gear, including separate dedicated compartments for a 10” tablet and 15” laptop. The images publish illustrate the versatile characteristics of the backpack, which continues to offer the quality MindShift Gear products are known for, and expands on the options available within the BackLight family of Photo Daypacks.

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