Top 20 Awards That Accurately Depict Filmmaking

Oscar Awards That Filmmakers Deserve

Today marks the 87th Academy Awards, where filmmakers are honored by peers for their finished work. Which got my colleague Kendal Miller thinking…last night he tweeted “What are your ideas for Oscar categories that more accurately depict the actual filmmaking process?” Here are the top twenty picks from the #RealWorldOscars hashtag.


#20 – AKA the Forgotten Tripod Plate Award


#19 – Soundie WOD


#18 – Seriously…I wouldn’t want to be married to a filmmaker


#17 – God bless First AC’s


#16 – $150,000 in a backpack


#15 – Indie filmmakers and lumberjacks are often indistinguishable


#14 – Any crew meal that isn’t a Subway sandwich is a bonus


#13 – Dispatches from the blue shed


#12 – Editors love it when you do this


#11 – “Are you with the wardrobe team?”


#10 – AKA The Freelancer Shuffle


#9 – Thank God we came in under budget


#8 – The Sponsor Shoutout


#7 – “I just upgraded to Dragon for better skintones…”


#6 – Lightening the mood at hour fourteen


#5 – AKA the Film Student With A RED Award


#4 – The lie every Director tells


#3 – Probably actually award-winning


#2 – Outstanding Achievement in Vimeography


#1 – AKA the HumbleBrag

Feel free to chime in and tweet your ideas for awards that accurately describe the production process! Just tag your tweets with #RealWorldOscars


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