AutoPan: the first universal panning tool

Introduced at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas, ShooTools AutoPan is a new concept when it comes to panning tools. It is the first electronic AutoPan that can be used universally on any slider/dolly length and brand, manual or motorized.

AutoPan: the first universal panning tool

The new product from ShooTools received very positive response at NAB 2016 and surely deserves it. Available in September 2016, it can be preordered now, with a special price until July 9.

Designed and made in Italy to suit filmmakers needs, it is the perfect tool to add great stunning cinematic effects to your productions. The videos published by ShooTools show, better than any words, what the revolutionary smart electronic tool can do. If you’ve ever tried to pan your video while moving your camera on a slider you know it is not easy. Well, it is with AutoPan, which is a smart electronic device, fully programmable, that works with any slider, manual or motorized, from 0 to 3 meters long.

The ShooTools AutoPan has an internal motor and a rechargeable battery that pan your camera in 4 different modes:

  • Keep the focus onto the subject during the full tracking shot. It’s perfect for interviews, talking heads and macro shots.
  • Emphatize the location due to its absolute perfect 360° shots.
  • Be free to pan your camera exactly in the point you like
  • SPIN
  • Boost your creativity with an unique movement never seen before.

AutoPan: the first universal panning tool

Easy to install on any slider or dolly, AutoPan does not need any tools. A standard 3/8” connection on the bottom and a ¼” pivot on top, for your camera or tripod head (an adapter included) are all the connections you need. The next step is to connect the spin-cable at the beginning or at the end of your tool, and you’re ready to shoot.

From the videos used to show how the AutoPan works I prefer the one above, I Fiori di Paola, Il fiore perfetto, created by Roberto Mettifogo. The video shows a real-world situation and covers a subject – nature and flowers – that interest me much and where I would like to try the AutoPan tool.  I asked Andrea Zaina, from ShooTools, if there was a chance to test the system, so we may well see more about the accessory here at ProVideo Coalition. For now just take some time to watch the video, a good example of the motion the system allows.

AutoPan: the first universal panning toolAutoPan is fully programmable, making it possible to add synchronized pan movement to your camera slider, for a new experience when it comes to video or even time lapse photography. With his multi keyframe feature you have a smart and powerful 2 axis motion control in your hands.

Controlling the AutoPan is also easy. Choose the A/B points, and the onboard computer will do the rest. It does not require specific measurement calibration nor a fixed distance from the subject. And there is even one app that allows users to control the system from a smartphone iOS or Android.

ShooTools is an Italian manufacturer, located close to Venice, that designs and realizes filmmakers quality motion equipment, like sliders, dollies and motion controls. Passion and a long term experience on the mechanical video and photographic field rules ShooTools’ team, that aims to realize always new innovative tools for Filmmakers. Each ShooTools product is realized with the best high quality materials and designed to be durable. Attention to detail, high level performances and care of customers needs made ShooTools a reliable contact for Filmmakers from all over the world.

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Jose Antunes

I am a writer and photographer living on the West Coast of Portugal, a place I tend to call the Atlantic Realm. An area of rugged cliffs and sandy beaches overlooking the sea, a coastal area sitting between the Atlantic Ocean waves and hills and forests with some of the most magical palaces, castles and prehistorical sites for you to visit and photograph. Little hamlets, vast fields, inviting you to a contemplative state of mind. That’s where I live, and the landscape surely makes you what you are.

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